Zenfone 6 prototype images leaked

Asus Zenfone 6 Prototype Images Leaked, Unveil In-display Front Camera

One of the Zenfone 6 prototypes appear to have metal casings and one of these has a triple rear camera configuration. Read more »
tesla autopilot on navigation feature

Tesla Is Rolling Out Its Autopilot Drive On Navigation Feature

The blog post shared by the company revealed that the feature would begin to roll out this week to the customers from the United States. Read more »
Waymo Self driving car

Alphabet’s Waymo Begins Testing Price It’s Robo-taxi Service

Waymo recently launched a public transit program which involves delivering people to bus stations. Read more »
Apple iPad 30 October Launch

What To Expect From Apple’s iPad Event On October 30

There are rumours about the launch of MacBook Air Refresh with a retina display on the October 30 event. Read more »
Lenovo Z5 Pro Launch On November 1st

Lenovo Z5 Pro With A Camera Slider And In-Screen Fingerprint To Launch On November 1

The CEO of the company confirmed that Z5 Pro will come with an In-display fingerprint sensor. Read more »
Jio and Ericsson 5G network IMC

IMC 2018: Reliance Jio Demonstrates 5G Use Cases With Ericsson

The 5G connected car displayed the reliability of 5G network’s reliability and high data rate capabilities which are key elements of the remote operations of the machines. Read more »
OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T update

Latest Software Update For OnePlus 5 and 5T Brings Improved Bluetooth Stability And Android Security Patch

The update is rolled out to a limited number of handsets as of now to fix any bugs initially and it will have a broader roll out soon. Read more »
Provino Technologies NoC

A Startup Raises $8 Million For Network-On-Chip Technology

Provino Technologies has a great approach to the design of SoC towards the challenging requirement of the next generation chip design in AI. Read more »
AI to create Fragrances

Artificial Intelligence System Learning To Create New Era Of Fragrances

Philyra not only creates new fragrances but it also considers the new trends in the industry and also the materials which are used to create the fragrance. Read more »
FlyCroTug Drone

A Tiny Drone Called FlyCroTug Can Lift 40 Times Its Weight

The inspiration for the approach was wasps and their ability to lift and move objects across the distances. Read more »
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