what does encrypted mean

Everything you should know about the Encryption Process

In older days, we secure our data and important documents in a bank locker or almirah. Now...
SQL schema

Understand what is a schema in SQL

gimp make background transparent

Change the look of the image using gimp make background transparent

how to delete app on firestick

Get the way for how to delete apps on Firestick?

iphone 6 hard reset

Alternative to repair AirPods and to raise the efficiency of iPhone

Teenager develops promising treatment for cancer

A 16-year-old Canadian peaks the interest of scientists around the world because he has developed an effective...

Less nutritious rice because of climate change

Genetically targeted cancer treatments are more effective, study finds

Ancient Frozen ‘Super Earth’ Found Orbiting A Nearby Star

Ancient Frozen ‘Super Earth’ Found Orbiting A Nearby Star

According to the experts, the surface temperature of the planet is around -170 degrees Celcius. It is...

Innovative One-person Spacecraft Design Passes Leak Test

The longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century slated for Friday

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