Here’s why the FBI wants you to restart your router

The FBI is asking all owners of a router to restart it in an attempt to stop a computer attack from Russia. In an announcement on May 25, the US Federal Police... Read more »

‘Active Shooter’ game lets players act out a school shooting

While a social debate on the carrying of firearms rages in the United States, a publisher will soon launch a video game placing the player in the role of an active shooter... Read more »

Amazon Sells Facial Recogniton Technology To Police Departments

Has the retail giant Amazon crossed an indefensible ethical line by selling its facial recognition program to a police department to potentially spy on all the inhabitants of a big city? The... Read more »

This Disney jacket can simulate punches and hugs

Virtual reality experiments could soon become even more immersive thanks to a pneumatic jacket that can simulate many sensations in real time. The Force Jacket Jacket is equipped with 26 airbags controlled... Read more »

IKEA Developing A Robot To Assemble Furniture

Did you know that it’s more difficult for a robot to walk by chewing gum than playing chess? #sortlechampagne That’s almost good news, is not it? Because the almost daily display of... Read more »

A waffle, an axe and 56 other emoticons for 2019

Are you more onion or garlic? White heart or blue square? The specialized site Emojipedia has just updated its list of images for the 2019 version of the official library of emoticons.... Read more »

Samsung presents its Galaxy S9, designed for augmented reality

The South Korean conglomerate Samsung has officially presented its brand new high-end smart phone, the Galaxy S9, designed to integrate augmented reality, as a curtain-raiser of the Barcelona Mobile World Congress. Absent... Read more »
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