Firafollower: Features and Download process for Instagram Android Users

Firafollower can be useful to create a strong follower base by practicing modest and paid-free techniques. Firafollower offers legit accessibilities to increase followers count, by only creating a temporary account. Read more »

Instagram is trying to extend the duration of stories to 60 seconds

Many times users want to post long stories without splitting them into parts. This feature is now under development phase but if it gets successful it will roll out to beta users... Read more »

2 New Instagram Features Going to Release Soon After the Beta Testing

Do you love to spend time on Instagram? We all love to do this. It is such a wonderful platform it has made people popular around the world because of their skills... Read more »

Instagram Tricks: Customize Instagram’s Explore Page, Only Favorite Content Will Be Seen

Instagram Tricks: It frequently occurs that many such movies or pix show up on your Explore web page that the consumer does no longer like, however, it is handy to get rid... Read more »

What did Facebook state about the Outage that Happened on Monday & Friday?

Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram services went down at the beginning of this week but they also went down on Friday in some regions. Users were stating their complaint on other social media... Read more »
Once Again Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram Disrupted

Once Again Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram Disrupted

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, all are popular social media platforms that allow us to communicate, chat, call, share images and videos. We went to sleep after spending hours on these apps’ newsfeeds, statuses,... Read more »

Instagram: Facebook prevented the plan of ‘Instagram Kids’ between growing criticism

The plan of “Instagram Kids” has been put on hold by Instagram for the time being. Right now time is being taken to understand the protest of the parents of the children... Read more »

Instagram Account Verification Guide for Users Instantly

Millions of users are active on social media platforms. Instagram keeps updating or modifying its policies and guidelines to make user-experience comfortable, safe, and secure.  If you don’t know the Instagram account... Read more »

Instagram new feature roll-on to access stories and photos

Instagram’s new rolled-on feature gives the accessibility to bring back the recently deleted stories and posts. If the deleted story has not been archived in 24 hours users can restore it if... Read more »

Instagram New Feature: A new feature came on Instagram, now advertisements will be seen in the middle of the reels

Now users will see ads between the reels of Instagram. These ads will be of up to 30 seconds, which will be visible on the whole screen. include is being carried out... Read more »
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