Instagram: Facebook prevented the plan of ‘Instagram Kids’ between growing criticism


The plan of “Instagram Kids” has been put on hold by Instagram for the time being. Right now time is being taken to understand the protest of the parents of the children against this scheme and their point of view.
Instagram was about to launch a plan for “Instagram Kids” for underage children, which has been put on hold for the time being. In fact, Instagram was about to start “Instagram Kids” for children under the age of 13, which was strongly opposed in the US. Let us tell you, the parents demonstrated against Facebook’s proprietary company Facebook regarding this plan and warned not to start it.

Actually, some time ago, Facebook had announced that keeping in mind the age of the children, they would bring a separate Instagram for them. After this announcement by Facebook, the parents of the children protested as well as demonstrated against Facebook. There is also talk of raising voice against this plan in the US Parliament.

Time is taken to understand what parents and experts say – Instagram head

According to the information received, this week the hearing on the “Instagram Kids” case can be held in the US Parliament. At the same time, according to the leaked report of Facebook, Instagram is affecting the mental health of young children. However, the head of Instagram, Med Mosseri, said that he would talk to the parents and experts of the children to understand their point of view. Due to which time is being taken by putting a stop to it at this time.

Use children’s platform under the supervision of parents – Instagram

Instagram said in a statement that, there is also a fact that young children are online even without this scheme. It would be better for children to use this platform under the supervision of parents.

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