Instagram new feature roll-on to access stories and photos


Instagram’s new rolled-on feature gives the accessibility to bring back the recently deleted stories and posts. If the deleted story has not been archived in 24 hours users can restore it if it gets deleted by mistake.

If the story or post has been archived that too can be restored within 30 days. Hackers are active on the social media platform, they access the user’s account and perform unnecessary or unusual things with the hacked account. During these hacking activities as the hackers have got accessibility to your account they can access your posts and stories too. They can delete the posts and can DM the people you are connected to.

If you have a sense that your account has been hacked this new Instagram feature will help you to access recently deleted posts and stories.

Instagram offers the proper security to users’ accounts and verifies the delete and restore operation functionality. They ask the user before restoring or removing anything from any authorized or certified Instagram account.

Instagram’s ‘recently deleted’ feature for posts and stories

First, check if you are using the latest version of Instagram because this feature is available in the updated version.

  • Go to the Instagram app.
  • Access your Instagram profile to access other features and settings.
  • Tap on settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom to locate the ‘recently deleted’ option.
  • Select all the posts or stories you want to bring back > tap on three dots > Restore.

If you find that your account is targeted by hackers, in that event, you can immediately go to your account and delete the posts and stories to protect them. These posts or stories will only be visible to the ‘recently deleted’ option and removed from the ‘my account’.

Change the password of your Instagram account and get back the control in your hand.

You can restore these deleted posts and stories after that following the above-mentioned steps.

The recently deleted feature comes with the limitation, the posts will only last for 30days in the folder, once the time is over you can’ restore the posts from here.

If you are not feeling safe at all, you can archive the posts. The posts will not be visible to your profile page but under archive posts. For this,

  • Go to the Instagram app.
  • Go to menu options.
  • Archive.
  • Access three dots.
  • Access setting options.
  • Tap on the toggle to move it to Archive.

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