Once Again Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram Disrupted

Once Again Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram Disrupted

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, all are popular social media platforms that allow us to communicate, chat, call, share images and videos. We went to sleep after spending hours on these apps’ newsfeeds, statuses, and updates. 

All these platforms facilitate personal individual uses, entertainment purposes, and also for business, service, product promotions.

Last Night on 4th October 2021, all the three platforms services got disrupted and no one was able to access any kind of service and activity. The users have been disconnected for hours. Soon, this news circulated on Twitter that all three have shut down in some areas.

Users are trying to confirm things with their friends and other contacts on phone to know is it true?

But the messages were not delivered to the destination contact, the Facebook app was also suspended to download, and the Instagram news feed failed to refresh also. 

The social media users can understand the pain of yesterday night as they’re not able to access anything.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has given an official confirmation on this news. He apologized for this sudden inconvenience and asked to have some patience for a while until we made a confirmation about resuming the services. We’re trying to get things on track as soon as possible.

Now, things are back on track and everything is working properly. But it may impact the popularity and brand value of these apps. Other app developers companies may take this opportunity to attract the users accessing their services. The disruption event has happened in the past year too. At that time the services were suspended for 45 min.

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