2 New Instagram Features Going to Release Soon After the Beta Testing


Do you love to spend time on Instagram?

We all love to do this. It is such a wonderful platform it has made people popular around the world because of their skills and talents. Many business houses are promoting their business through Instagram posts and stories to update the customers and clients about their products and services.

Recently, we got the news that Instagram will charge something to access the specific content. A new Instagram feature is going to be released soon to make the story’s experience better. You can like the stories posted on Instagram. The feature is not available for all the users; it is under the testing phase of the development cycle.

Once the Beta testing mode is finished things will be accessible for all the Instagram users. Right now, the developers are testing the features and making the fixes to make it perfect.

The second accessibility you will get soon is to add a moderator to your live videos. With this feature, the moderator and host will be eligible to manage the activity and comments, as questions, reply and do other things during the live session. Someone watching your live session can play the role of moderator the host needs to choose the moderator from the list. 

It will make things more manageable as there are two people to take the actions on live feed video chat. The viewers will not get disappointed that they are not getting the reply back or reaction to their comments. The influencers and public figures/ celebrities that have accounts on Instagram will be happy with this news.

This news was trending on Twitter. Right now, users can only post the content as images, reels, IGTV video, newsfeed, story and when someone reacts to these stories, users will be notified through DM.

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