Instagram Account Verification Guide for Users Instantly


Millions of users are active on social media platforms. Instagram keeps updating or modifying its policies and guidelines to make user-experience comfortable, safe, and secure. 

If you don’t know the Instagram account of any individual or celebrity. The first thing you’ll do is search it on Google. Based on their posts count, followers number, profile pic/logo, the username you’ll identify the person or brand profile.

To verify the user’s presence and improve the authenticity and credibility of Instagram accounts, Instagram offers blue ticks that improve profile visibility, outreach, and branding of public figures/ products/businesses.

Celebrities/ Public Figures/ Artists, People, or product/ services pages with a huge followers base are automatically awarded the blue-tick badge. In case, the follower’s count is low still you can earn the blue-tick badge for the Instagram account.

  • You should focus on impressing the audience or other users with your creations and ideas. 
  • Reach out to people of different interests and industries to gather attention, engagement, impressions, likes, comments. 
  • Be active on your account, update posts, reels, stories consistently every week.
  • When more people visit and follow your post and your follower’s list will boom. 
  • Your activities/ actions will be noticed by people and it will display in the numbers of followers, likes comments.
  • Once the account crosses a metric of count or activities your Instagram account will be marked as an official bluetick.

Stay active and you’ll soon be able to achieve bluetick official identity.

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