gimp make background transparent

Change the look of the image using gimp make background transparent

Any person that is involved in the task of media and graphics, looking for any tool to make qualitative changes. Adobe Photoshop is the most popular application to do such tasks. But... Read more »

The longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century slated for Friday

A rare celestial show will occur friday July 27th. Star gazers will have opertunity to see the moon turn red and darken as it passes through the shadow of Earth blocking. Once... Read more »

An important clue about pregnancy and the development of schizophrenia has been discovered

The exact causes of schizophrenia are a real mystery, and scientists have recently been trying to determine if it could develop during pregnancy. Now, a new study suggests that the placenta, which... Read more »

Horses perceive human emotions and remember them

Domestic horses can read and remember the emotional expressions of humans, British researchers have shown. Previous research had shown that horses recognize human facial expressions, but this is the first to establish... Read more »

IKEA Developing A Robot To Assemble Furniture

Did you know that it’s more difficult for a robot to walk by chewing gum than playing chess? #sortlechampagne That’s almost good news, is not it? Because the almost daily display of... Read more »

Sudden Appearance of Martian Stone Bafflers Mars Rover Scientist

The Mars Rover began it’s mission on the planet Mars back in 2004, and each day of its mission has been counted incrementally from since time as Sol 1, Sol 2, Sol... Read more »
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