charging the smartphone

Tips: Do not perform these mistakes even by neglecting while at the same time charging the smartphone

Battery assumes a significant part in a smartphone. In such a circumstance, assuming the battery of the phone gets harmed, the phone is of no utilization. We are revealing to you a... Read more »
Realme X Update: March 2020 Security Patch, Brings Screenlight Feature

If you got the alert of storage full, increase the space in your smartphone in these ways

Mobile phone memory getting full is a typical issue, which each Mobile phone client probably confronted. Yet, do you realize that in some simple manners you can expand the capacity of your... Read more »
smartphone in dark mode

Tips: Nevermore work the smartphone in dark mode, it can be immense damage.

Smartphone users have started using it in dark mode, but do you know that it can also prove to be very dangerous for your delicate eyes. If you do not know, then... Read more »
mobile phones

Tips: Smartphone is performing moderate work or is hanging then these tips will go to your work

Regularly, numerous sorts of issues keep coming up on the phone, yet the most well-known of these is the issue of hang and moderate. On the off chance that you are additionally... Read more »
Vivo also extended smartphone warranty after Poco

Covid 19: Vivo also extended smartphone warranty after Poco

Vivo has said in a statement that the increase in the 30-day warranty will start from the day the service sensor is switched off. In view of the growing Corona transition in... Read more »
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