Stream Spotify Gadget 360’s Orbital Podcast: Is There any Future for Wizard Series movies

Harry Potter when we hear this name a boy wearing a round shape specs image appeared in front of our eyes. Daniel Jacob Radcliff portrayed the role of Harry Potter and was applauded by critics and film industry experts for their performance.

J. K. Rowling has written a fictional novel that is based on the world of Wizards and the story continues in many editions following different twists and turns. Warner Bros got inspired by the story idea and produced the film under their productions.

Harry Potter and the other characters were favorites of all ’90s kids. Every character was so charming and essential for the continuity of the story. There will hardly be a person who doesn’t know who Harry Potter is. It’s been 20 years since this film series and last year the characters reunited together and relived the memories of the production times.

But the recent release shows that the series production should stop from now as it has not impressed critics this year. Other franchises were much better than this and had a good collection in the entertainment market and raised the popularity of Warner Bros production house.

Nowadays kids have a different mindset as they are not interested in watching such wizard-fantasy world series. They are more attracted to and fascinated with animation & graphics. 

Another reason that the Harry Potter series loses its popularity is that Rowling has supported the famous actors that have been accused and alleged of domestic violence. Many other hidden reasons are responsible for degrading the interest in the wizard world series.

Rumors are that the producers should stop making such editions and focus on other things. On Spotify, a gadget 360’s podcast was streamed and anyone can access it now just go and search. 

In this Orbital weekly podcast, Akhil Arora was the host of the show and streamed the session with the die-hard Harry Potter series fan- Ali Pardiwal with another pop-culture enthusiast Nikhila maker. They all came together to discuss the success and defeats, and the critics’ reactions to the Harry Potter series films and books.

The movie series is receiving criticism for the inappropriate selections of actors, their roles, and their performance. The podcast streamed for half an hour with lots of conversions related to the series.

You can now listen to the inside stories, critics’ reactions, and other interesting stories related to the Harry Potter series.

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