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Deesha Army App

Many apps offer the facility to track your location. You can find them and download them on your smartphone from the App Store and Google Play Store. Deesha Army App is free and available with offline accessibility. The app is compatible with all the general location tracking sensors, Beidou, GPS, GLONASS, etc. Navigate roads offline mode and reach to destination without accessing the internet data or wifi connectivity.

To access the accessibilities and features of geographic navigation download this app from Google Play Store. The app is compatible with various devices, managing the setting to launch this app without any inconvenience. A Deesha internet extension apk is also available there. 

Download Deesha Army App through Apk 

Search for the Deesha Army App Apk and click the link to download.

Once the link is downloaded you have to launch the apk file.

To continue the installation and download, allow third-party permission.

(When you launch the apk a pop-up will appear to ask about allowing access. Confirm the action for unknown sources download)

Soon, the application will download to your mobile.

Download Deesha Army App through Google Play Store

Downloading the process of the Deesha Army App is so easy. It doesn’t take much time to download.

Deesha Army is available for Android users. If you have an Android device want to download this app then do follow the instructions:

Go to Google Play Store.

Search for this Deesha Army App.

Click on the Deesha Army App. 

Tap on Install.

The download process will take some time.

Download Deesha Army App through AppStore

It is so easy to download and install the Deesha Army App. It doesn’t take much time to download.

Deesha Army is available for iOS Device users. If you have Apple iPhone and want to download this app then do follow the instructions:

  • Go to the App Store.
  • Navigate and explore the collection to find the Deesha Army App.
  • Click on the Deesha Army App. 
  • Tap on Install.
  • The download process will take some time.

 Wait for a while and you can open this app to access its features on your phone.

Features and support of Dessha Army App

Google Map is a great utility that we used to navigate the destination path, nearby locations. It makes our life easier. When we go to an unknown location it is a great companion. But if there is no internet signals how to navigate the lines. 

Deesha Army is a great app that does not need internet data or wifi to display and navigate the geolocation path. The app is designed with location sensor accessibilities and helps people. You can treat this app as an alternative to Google Map. Below you can read about the features of the Deesha Army App to understand this app better.

  • Access waypoints with import and export accessibility of CSV/ GPX/ KML Files.
  • The app can calculate the Area and Perimeter for a defined saved area location to KML File.
  • The app offers outstanding features and navigation accessibilities. Have you saved any waypoints, locations, positions, geotag photos, or any shared location point, you can track them all in offline mode through this app.
  • It offers the transformation for all the supported image formats of locations and batches.
  • The app offers geotagging for the captured location. The app has the accessibility to read and access any Exif location tags in JPEG files.
  • You can shift the projection to numerous spots from one point to another location.
  • Capture and collect the data and information for the Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Satellite-based augmentation system. It also allows the accessibility for the A-GPS data management high accuracy timing received through satellite.
  • Enter any specific destination location and its time to track the status information of the sun and moon.
  • The app offers the share and copy accessibility for all the saved, presently active, migrated, or changed, and roughly calculated destination points.
  • It offers a datum Indian Grid System for all the location formats MGRS, UTM, Geographic. In this location application, the WGS884 datum will be equipped.
  • You can access map view, multiple device locations & waypoints, grid over layout that enables panning and zooming accessibilities. You can configure PNG and JPEG formats Map view to display it perfectly on the app interface.

The app supports all types of Indian grid Systems to display and explore all the regions. It also displays the Military Grid reference System, Universal Transverse Mercator, Universal Polar Stereographic, World Geographic Reference System, longitude and latitude display(geodetic format) in decimal degree form, decimal minutes degree, minute decimal seconds degrees.

Deesha Army App is great for army areas, people, and border locations where the network signal fluctuates or does not get the proper frequency and network signals. The app is very much useful as it does not need to depend on internet accessibility or mobile signals. Users can install this app on any device and access the features in offline mode.

If you want to access internet accessibility on this app install the internet extension for the Deesha App to integrate Google Maps and give additional info about the different regions.

Deesha Army App has won the reward for its wonderful features in offline mode. If you are going to a hill station for hiking, outdoor activities or geocaching activities, boating then installs this app on your device.

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