Top 15 Photo Editing Apps Try As Dreamscope Alternative

Want to enhance your photo shots as natural painting Dreamscope is a great app. It offers great utilities for image transformation. But if you are facing difficulties accessing and finding this app then you don’t have to worry. Many alternatives are available in the tech market, developed by many app development companies. All these apps take less time to create artistic masterpieces, you will enjoy the accessibilities of these apps.

Remix Your Images With the Best Lively Photo Editing Apps

All the latest apps follow the algorithms of artificial intelligence and neural networks and are equipped with mind-boggling features. Read the full article to explore the features of artificial intelligence-based photo editing apps available for iOs and Android users. It can be helpful to enhance deep photo editing skills.


This app is launched by Google that offers professional photo editing utilities with access to brushes, filters, effects. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Users can easily get control of the app and try their artistic accessibilities. Photography artists love this app for its advanced features to enhance the best painting.

Smartphone users can simply go and find the app on Appstore or Google Play Store. To get this app on PC first you have to install the emulator bluestacks then you can search Snapseed for download and install.


Looking for the alternative to Dreamscope Prisma would be the best choice that you can install on your phone for free. It offers amazing transformation and enhancement for the photo shoots in your favorite painting style. It has become a sensation in the world of photography with its 25+effects, 800+ modern art filters. 

It has crossed the download count of over 100 million. Users are impressed with the marvelous quality HD pictures, patterns, ornaments.

Due to its rising popularity, the app is available on both platforms iOS and Android. This app is inspired by the sensational concept of artificial intelligence and neural networks to fulfill the demand for digital paintings on mobile. Share your creation on social media and receive praise and appreciation.

Find this app on Android and iPhone and design the robust creation with some taps quickly. Users who love art and effects have found this app useful. Try the realistic natural layouts, filters, developed with the support of Artificial Intelligence. You can click and edit the shots at the moment. Try unique layouts, stylish elements, and effects to enhance the details and make them more attractive. The stuff is shareable across social media platforms.

Recreate the images into a different style with some artistic tools and accessibilities. You can differentiate the quality of creations of old and new transformed art. Artificial intelligence algorithm-based filters and tools will make the pictures similar to fine art paintings. 

Access it from the App Store and Google Play Store.


Explore the rich collection of creative & artistic effects, tools, and features of ‘Paintt-Pro Art Filters’. It would be a great tool to draw out the best animated and cartoon art. You may create a wonderful artistic creation of images accessing the functionalities of this powerful incredible app. Add light effects, glitter, sparkles, and 800+sketched and other styled filters.

The functionality of the app interface is so simple. All these things make Paintt a wonderful app to draw the transformation from raw images.

Create beautiful artistic content with this outstanding photo editing app Ostagram. You can visit the website or go to the app store and Google Play Store. The interface is easy and hassle-free that will paint the best masterpieces of your raw images.

Deep Art Effects 

Deep Art Effects app is not limited to only filters and photo effects. It offers some promising styles to beautify the stuff of videos and images. Save your work and share it on your social media walls. It has been launched for Android and iPhone users. 


Want to impress your friends with your artistic creations and craft then Mlvch is great to do work. The app is developed with the implementation of Artificial intelligence. It gives you the freedom to recreate and paint your shots with some artistic customization.


Sharing photos on social media platforms just after clicking the shots is the trend in present days. Many times the light is not clear in the background or some of the times you want to focus on the element of the images. Pic editing tools make these things possible effortlessly. You can find the Vinci app on Google Play Store and App Store.

Create the classic-style, attractive, creative advanced-level artistic masterpieces using all the complementary stuff, filters, outlays, with great details. Edit your snaps stored in your gallery and let them viral in your friend circle and group.


It is also a great alternative to practice advanced-level photo editing skills over iOS and Android devices. It processed the images in your desirable visuals. You can get it free and premium. 

To design neural network-based paintings and art pieces is one of the best options to install on a phone. It analyzes every detail of the images and remixes with AI and other modern art accessibilities to create beautiful artistic content.


Pixlr is one of the Dreamscope alternatives to give a try to practice editing and creative abilities. You can explore the widest range of editing tools to enhance the images by applying the effects, layers, colors, borders, and overlays. You may try other things also to do some modifications and fix to picture elements and objects. 

Pixlr functionalities are categorized in two different editions that are Editor and Express. Create stunning and impressive designs using the collection of Pixlr. You can draw your favorite lines and access other editing tools to obtain the ultimate pictures.

Arbitrary Image Stylization

Choose this app to create your favorite style of art creations like a beautiful natural-looking painting. It brings the outstanding projection of any image. You can create beautiful graphics, vector images while conquering the limitations of the art world. It is all possible because of AI-based approaches and integration. Pick any image and the app will transform it into beautiful eye-catching visuals.

Deep Dream Generator 

We are including the Deep Dream Generator app in this list for its amazing AI-based tools and accessibilities. It is popular because of three main capabilities to beautify the images and transform them into realistic art masterpieces: Deep style, Thin style, Deep Dream.

It has truly inherited the AI-based algorithms and enables us to do shiny advanced transformations to raw images.

You just have to select any one of the styles given here and the tool will interpret the results in a desirable style. The app follows the concepts of neural networks and AI. It gives you the freedom to create beautiful, attractive abstract and psychedelic images as well as offers great help to scientists, architects, and engineers to create deep art.

The app offers support for all the amiable platforms Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, etc.

Photolab editor

Whenever you search over the google play store for a photo editing app. It is one of the most promising editing apps that offer amazing features. The app is getting better with the modern advanced AI and machine learning technologies based accessibilities. You can create stunning photos by downloading this app from the App Store and Google Play Store.

You can replace the backgrounds, add effects and filters, create portraits from raw photos, style your hair color, lips, skin, and apply virtual 3D masks.

You just have to tap on 1 template style and the creation will be ready within5 seconds, in desirable formats.


Artisto is an app available for all devices and supports Android and iOS. You can access it on your android smartphone, iPad, or iPhone. The app inherits modern world technologies and offers the accessibilities of AI, machine learning, and neural network mechanisms. The app is primarily used for video editing purposes. Explore this marvelous tool to add an artistic touch to your video clips. It has a rich collection of creative filters. Get the free and proprietary version.

Pics art PhotoStudio

The app is always on the list of best photo editing apps and that’s why we have also included this app in this list. Most of the users pick this app for its amazing modest, convenient, cool interface that is understandable by anyone. It offers amazing tools and photo editing utilities to make lively art creations. You can highlight the content of images and beautify them with stickers, effects, and advanced style brush strokes. It is compatible with Android and iOS both.

Photo editor, Coolart, PIP camera pro, Super photo, etc the list is a long list of photo editing apps. You may choose anyone for your artistic work.

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