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Most android phones have in-built features to clean junk files and optimize the space. It smoothens the phone’s performance and functionality. For iPhone users, many iPhone app cleaning tools are available that can help you to remove junk files, duplicate content, call logs, etc. 

You can download decent apps from the play store. Type cleaning apps for iPhone and the options will appear soon in front of you. All these apps can quickly process to scan and remove junk, store in the categories of large and sort video files, duplicate photos & contacts. 

If the things have not cleared on time and keep accumulating then your phone will not function properly. You may have received the pop-ups of memory space full so it’s time to take action and be serious.

Best 15 iPhone Cleaning App to Upgrade Performance

Here, we have summed up the best iphone cleaning app free to download and install. Access the functionalities and improve the performance of the iPhone. Some of these apps offer advanced options if you take the subscription but it will charge extra cost.




Clean Doctor

Phone Cleaner

Phone Clean


Boost Cleaner


Cleaner Pro

Cisdem iPhone Cleaner for Mac


Magic Phone Cleaner

Junk File Cleaner

Gemini Photos

  1. iCleaner

iCleaner is one of the best apps to clean up the iPhone without any hustle. It offers the advanced level of functionalities to scan the unnecessary accumulated stuff of duplicate content, videos, photos. You can easily access the options of this cleaner software. It is a great app to optimize the iPhone space but the only thing that annoys the users is the collection of Ads. If you are comfortable accessing a premium subscription then the ads disturbance will also get out of the app.

  1. iRemover

It is also considered the best iPhone organizer app. With this, you can create a backup of the data, and also can remove the duplicate data, duplicate screenshot captures, burst photo clicks, and contacts that are consuming the iPhone memory space. It is the best iPhone optimization app that arranges the original type of content eliminating the spare content.

  1. Smart Cleaner

Smart cleaner offers easy access to an interface that can be understood by any user. It is free, efficient, and has numerous features to optimize iPhone space.

  • Eliminate duplicate contacts and photos
  • Scan and Analyze the content
  • Make comfortable disk space

You may check the available and used memory space and arrange the content systematically.

  1. Clean Doctor

It is an all-rounder iPhone organizer app that offers smart scanning and cleaning accessibilities to optimize the iPhone space and avoid the stuff. You can scan and clear the junk files, large files, low-quality photos, duplicate photos, burst photos, emails, manually. It also offers additional features:

  • Photo masking, 
  • Tone generator for scan speakers, 
  • Battery life tips, 
  • Web browser cache cleaner, 
  • Disk storage usage, 
  • Photo widgets
  • Delete expired events and reminders
  • Restrict Advertisement and Invitations

Use this app accessibilities free for 3days and then take a subscription. You may find this app on the app store. These app toolkits are good for iPhone and iPad both.

  1. Phone Cleaner

iPhone users can try this app to scan and remove duplicate content and to make space for other important things. It is an efficient, easiest, and quickest app to optimize and clear the space. It also shows the available memory space at the time of new downloads.

  • It saves the time that you waste in the manual clearance of unnecessary and duplicate stuff and deletes everything in one attempt.
  • Phone clever is easy to use and compatible with all iOS devices including Mac, iPad, iPhone.
  • It sorted the iPhone storage space eliminating all the duplicated stuff out of the phone.
  • Additionally, it enables AdBlocker accessibility.
  • Upgrade to Premium version to access premium features of Phone Cleaner App for iPhone.
  1. PhoneClean

iMobie has made a great attempt with this PhoneClean iPhone Cleaning app. It offers quick and in-depth cleaning accessibilities with the best quality of privacy class protection. To keep enjoying the best performance of the iOS device, iPad, iPhone it contains various maintenance tools. 

  • Manages the RAM performance and usage
  • Common performance issues/ lagging issues
  • Quick scanning and Cleaning for cache, large and old media files stuff,
  • Removes accumulated junk files  and other 
  • Access and manage the accessibility and iPhone performance in 5 languages.
  1. Dr. Clean

It offers free iPhone and iPad scanning and cleaning accessibilities. It is quick, efficient, and easy to remove large files. It offers smart optimization for the iPhone and iPad.

  1. Boost Cleaner

Looking for a quick and fast iPhone cleaning app, Boost Cleaner enables you to clean up the call logs, contacts, EMail stuff, scan and clean duplicate photos, similar photos. It offers straightforward scanning and cleaning accessibilities to manage and optimize the memory from different categories. You can choose any of the accessibilities and categories to scan and clean. Get the adblocker for the web browser. Boost cleaner app is available on the App store.

  1. Cleaner

Cleaner is one of the best apps to optimize and monitor the performance of the iPhone. It sorts the clutter of duplicate contacts, duplicate images, blurry images and replaces or deletes them as per the requirement to idealize the memory usage.

  • It merges up the contacts stored multiple times.
  • It offers performance management tools and storage monitoring tools.
  • It improves internet speed.
  • Monitor and manage the widgets.

Many more accessibilities for the latest version of iOS.

  1. Cleaner Pro

Like the Cleaner App, Cleaner Pro is also good to optimize the contact list. Too many duplicate contacts in contact books or phone libraries may create disturbance and confusion. 

Cleaner Pro offers a quick scan, monitoring accessibility to optimize and organize the contacts systematically. You can delete the contacts you don’t frequently communicate with or take unnecessary space in the phone address book. Duplicated contents can be merged and the space will be optimized.

  1. Cisdem iPhone Cleaner App

To improve the speed, phone, and app performance Cisdem iPhone Cleaner is available. It is specially developed to be compatible with Mac so connect your devices with Mac and access the features of the Cisdem iPhone Cleaner app.

  • No more popups of low memory space during the time of downloads and new app updates.
  • Fix slow speed issues of the iOS device(iPhone, iPad, iPod,)
  • No more iPhone freeze events
  • Fix iPhone booting and start-up glitches
  • Save yourself from data loss events and backup your iOS device stuff.
  1. iChecker

iChecker has also got a place in the collection list of the top best iPhone cleaning app. Install this app on your iPhone, and stay up-to-date with the status of memory usage. With this app, you may know how much memory is consumed and how much remains by RAM and ROM Memory storage.

  • Tap for once and get all the status of memory utilization.
  • Many times you don’t use some apps but the process is on in the background. To save the memory and battery status it is better to remove these apps or close them immediately.
  • It optimizes the space for the call logs and contacts and removes similar constant information.
  1. Magic Phone Cleaner

The iPhone performance goes down if the junk files get accumulated or if the processes are running in the background or if unnecessary apps are consuming the memory space. 

  • MagicPhone Cleaner offers different language support to access the features. 
  • It can function smartly on iOS version 9 or above. Junk files and major-size file cleanup can be successful with a single tap. This app offers access to clear cache files, app cache or junk files, unnecessary accumulated stuff.
  1. Junk File iCleaner

It is the best iPhone app cleaning tool to remove the junk of Memory and contacts quickly with one tap. Get all the accessibility from the collection of Tabs given on the Homescreen.

  • Check the status of Processor usage
  • Check the status of RAM usage
  • How much internal memory space is occupied by the internal memory?

You can clean and organize the space for the iPad and iPhone with this Junk File iCleaner app and upgrade the speed and performance by removing the photos and contacts.

  1. Gemini Photos

The iPhone offers the best privacy and security features. Everything is just perfect in the iPhone with impressive looks, design, camera quality, and features. 

  • Gemini Photos is great to organize the photo library, similar size and look clicks, duplicate clicks, etc. 
  • It scans and sorts the photo library and avoids unnecessary screenshots, videos collection, and blurred images. 
  • Photo libraries or media files libraries consume the huge space of memory storage and all this clutter needs to be optimized soon.

You can search for the best iphone cleaning app on the App Store and download anyone with your requirements. All these apps will upgrade the memory usage status and sort out the clutter of unnecessary stuff, junk files, contact list, media library, cache files that are slowing down the performance.

All this unnecessary stuff degrades the battery life, phone functionalities, and increases the clutter.

Some of these apps contain ads so you should adjust to this. Except for this fact, everything is accessible and easy to manage with these apps, as all are designed with the comfort of users. 

We have concluded this list of iPhone cleaning apps from different sources and listed the best iPhone cleaning app free to enable ease of access. We hope that the information will be helpful to you and you can enjoy the accessibilities without any inconvenience or discomfort and optimize the performance and memory usage of the iPhone.

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