iOS15.4 Beta Version Bringing Something Cool & Interesting

iOS15.4 Beta Version

iOS 15.4 beta version is going to roll out in the coming days. The date of release is yet to be announced. The buzz is all around the globe for the amazing features but there is also confusion about whether you should install it on your iPhone or not. Here in this guide, you’ll get your answers.

iOS 15.4 is titled the 4th launched extension of iOS 15. There are so many things to try on this new iOS version like Siri voice, emojis, Universal Control, AirTags anti-stalking alerts.

From the first version of iOS 15.1 to 15.4 so, many significant changes have been made to make the services and accessibilities better. There were security patches noticed on iPad and iPhone that have been cleared with these updates.

Everyone wants to try the latest updates just after the release but whenever a beta version is launched, things are still under the testing and maintenance phase which means not everything you are accessing on the beta version is 100% correct. There are still the chances of bugs. Once all bugs are cleared and things will be verified in the beta version the final version will be released. 

iOS 15.4 Beta Version Update Installation Process

If you want to download the beta version, you must know that it’s under the testing phase to inspect the bugs and stability of features.

Apple iOS 15.4 public release date is expected in March but there’s no official announcement to date.

To download the beta version iOS 15.4, you need to go on Apple’s Beta Software Program > click to download a configuration file > go to Settings > Go to General >Go to Software update> Tap to download and install.

The beta version contains bugs and unfamiliar events so don’t install it on the primary device that you use, launch it on another phone.

3 Updates tested on iOS 15.4 version

  • Face ID update
  • Universal control
  • 37New emoji

Face ID Update

Due to the pandemic, we can’t step outside or move anywhere without wearing a mask. Hence, while we are using the iPhone Face ID feature, we can’t access it correctly. Users were facing a little bit of difficulty as half of the face is covered with a mask. With the latest update, the smaller portion will also be verified and recognize the user’s identity.

The new Face ID detection feature will give your prompts if you should change the angle of your phone or not.

Universal Control

First, this Universal control feature was expected on iOS 15.3 version but that didn’t launch at that time so it is expected to get this on iOS 15.4 version. Once the public release wil announce you can access this feature. With this feature, you can access the content on other devices seamlessly. The control will be on the primary device but you can access other devices as second screens.

37 New Emoji

When words fail to explain your feelings, emojis can do that for you. So many creative emojis are already available here. You can use these emojis on different accessibilities to make things more interesting. If you love to make everything creative and innovative then with the latest update of the iOS 15.4 version you can get more than 30 new emojis. 

These emojis will describe your state of actions, in which state you are, what action you’re doing. The emojis will launch for different categories, like, toys, people, animals, decorations, celebrations, feelings, and other things.

You can try bird’s nest emoji, coral, melting face, lotus, pregnant women, face holding back tears, lip biting, salute emoji, low battery, and others.

Copy Text

Android phone users can do this, they can pick and paste text from anywhere. Now the feature is enabled for iOS users too. If you like something or anything on an object, shoot it using a camera and paste it to your Notes and Reminders section.

A bug is also encountered in Siri voice recognition accessibility and that too has been fixed to make the Siri interaction feature even better than before.

Apple is planning so many things to make the iPhone users experience better and wait for the date of public release and beta version.

Hope you got something interesting in this blog, take your decision to try iOS 15.4 beta version update or public release.

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