Alternative Way To Get Access Of Fortnite App

Fortnite App

Fortnite app is accessible through different methods. You can access any mode of playing.

Fortnite is the most popular app loved by iPhone users but it has kicked out a while ago. Now, people can’t download this from the App store. If you are Fortnite enthusiasts and want to play again the Fortnite game on your phone. This guide contains the methods.

3 Simple Methods to Download Play Again Fortnite App on new iPhone

We have an alternative way here to download this popular battle game Fortnite on iPhone. The method is followed through step by step process:

  • Open App Store on your iPhone.
  • On top, you will see the profile icon of Apple ID.
  • Tap on it.
  • All the apps you have purchased through your Apple account will be listed under the Purchased section.
  • Find Fortnite under this Purchased category.
  • Apply filter – Not on this phone.
  • You can download this app.

Download Fortnite using Family Sharing 

Apple has suspended the support for the Fortnite battle game in the year 2020. After that, the app stopped working and downloading process on iPhone. Now, if you want to relive the Fortnite fun then another way is available to try it on.

Apple’s Family  Sharing enables access to pay on this Fortnite game on iPhone.

  • Open Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Access your Apple ID.
  • Go to the Apple Family Sharing accessibility option.
  • You can choose any Apple ID of any family member.
  • Once the ID wil be set for Family Sharing, you’ll be eligible to download this app.

NVIDIA GeForce Now Program for Fortnite Download

NVIDIA enables the cloud-facilitated environment to play Fortnite battle games. iPhone/ iPad users can play this game anytime for free and paid. Subscribers can go to the Safari browser and play the latest version of this game

To try this NVIDIA GeForce Now Program process you will need an alternative iPhone. The device should also have a Fortnite already installed.

  • Go to NVIDIA GeForce Now program website. 
  • Access a subscription service plan.
  • Try the free version subscription.
  • Access the fast-speed internet connection to run this program smoothly on your device.
  • Signup for the NVIDIA GeForce Now Program account.
  • Download it on your device.
  • Login to Epic games.
  • Start playing for the upcoming royal battles.

If you are facing difficulties to function this Fortnite app it may cause by numerous reasons. Maybe a bug or software is encountering conflicts to function properly. Please update to the latest version or reinstall the Fortnite app.

If you no longer want to access the Fortnite game then you can delete this from your iPhone.

Open Safari Browser.

Go to Epic Games’ official site and choose Fortnite account to delete.

There is no fun to play this game if there are no tools, war accessories, tools, and guns. To access everything and win every battle you need to have so much space on your iPhone. Fortnite needs at least 3Gb of memory space in the iPhone. If you have enough space to download Fortnite app then follow the above process.

Hope you find these methods easier to download and get back access to this Fortnite app on your iPhone. Enjoy the battle game and conquer the challenges.

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