iPhone Secret Feature: This secret feature of iPhone is of extraordinary use, you also can become James Bond

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iPhone Secret Feature: There are numerous exceptional features in the iPhone, which are not known to everybody. In the event that you are additionally an iPhone client, then, at that point, most certainly perused this news. We are letting one know such secret feature.

iPhone Secret Feature: iPhone is well known all around the world for its interesting features. Taking a gander at the wellbeing and security of the clients, the organization gives numerous unique features in it, however some of them are not known to individuals. In the event that you are additionally an iPhone client, then, at that point, certainly read this news. We will inform you concerning one such secret feature of this telephone that you will know nothing about.

can spy

You should be a little amazed, yet this telephone has such a feature that you can pay attention to the things occurring in one room even while remaining in another room. This secret feature name is The Live Listen. Aside from iPhone, you can utilize this secret feature on iPad and iPod too.

How accomplishes this feature work

Albeit this feature was utilized to hear better strong even in uproarious climate, yet assuming you need, you can likewise utilize it to watch out for somebody, that is, to spy. To utilize this feature, first you need to leave one of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod gadgets in the room in which you need to pay attention to what exactly occurs. Your gadget will go about as a receiver. There are two things you want to do prior to leaving the gadget in the room. First you need to turn on The Live Listen feature in your gadget. Second is that AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, Powerbeats Pro or Beats Fit Pro should be associated with that gadget. You will actually want to hear the voice through them. This feature works like a scope of Bluetooth availability.

This way turn on The Live Listen

  • To initiate The Live Listen, open Control Center.
  • Later this the conference symbol will show up, click on it.
  • Presently you will have The Live Listen feature before you, turn it on.
  • Later this, leave the gadget in that room and head outside and pay attention to all the sound from the associated gadget.
  • At the point when this feature is turned on, an orange mouthpiece symbol becomes on the upper left of the iPhone screen.

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