| New Scam Encountered as Christmas Gift Card

New Scam Encountered as Christmas Gift Card

It all happens because of our carelessness, early action, activities, and lack of information. Hackers. Frauds, the cyber thief has a broad network, they know the technology better than us. They can find the loopholes and gateways from anywhere and approach the accounts, phones and put you in danger. Hackers can get access to phones through a link, message, or email.

Nowadays hackers have developed a WhatsApp scam that is It was detected a few days ago. With this phishing source, your personal information, ATM cards, and financial information can be stolen by hackers. The scam can impact the functionality of Android, iOS phones, Windows PC.

The scam has widely affected the users during Christmas time. Scammers have attracted people with gift cards for the Christmas celebration.

According to various users’ experiences, this scam is spread through a link. The hackers and fraud have forwarded the link to the user’s phone. When users click this link they are redirected to a webpage. Here the message shows how to win Christmas prizes or gift cards. 

The interface is designed in an interesting way to fool the users. Visitors have to participate in the online survey of questions answers. Users have to register themselves for participation by submitting the details in the form. The form has different fields of name, age, address, bank account, and other things. Users fill in all the details and scammers receive all this information on their end.

What if you access the link?

  • The scammers can misuse this information to circulate email. 
  • They can force you to install potentially unwanted applications.
  • They will show you advertisements, schemes, gifts, and wheel challenges, accessing your device’s location and IP address.

In the hope of exciting gifts, users don’t pay much attention and submit the form by filling out all the personal and financial information. Scammers use this information for their benefit and can sell out the information to outsiders in high amounts. The data will go in the wrong hands and will impact your personal and financial state of life.

What to do to safeguard your details from Whatsapp scams?

Whenever you get this link on your phone, ignore or delete it completely to avoid any personal and financial risk.

Scan the device to inspect any malware, PUA’s, adware.

When you get any link that you don’t know and are redirected to web pages that ask to enter personal and financial details then you should be careful. It can put you at financial and personal risk and can trap you in scam events.

If you click on any link that looks suspicious or displays too many advertisements it is not safe. If you click on the link and that is redirected to an unknown source or anything different then the malware is trying to approach your device or has already been inserted.

Keep checking your smartphone or PC if there is any app stored on your phone that you have not installed.

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