NFT Games: New Source Of Income to Earn Real Money in Virtual World

NFT Games

While everything was locked only the technology, and the online gaming industry was growing and facilitating everything in a comfortable mode. Be it food delivery, apps, or online earning apps, it has changed things in a wider picture. At the same time, the crypto industry has received tremendous growth due to the advancement of blockchain technology and the evolution of various crypto coins.

Online gaming & OTT platforms are the only way to eliminate boredom. Many NFT platforms were facilitating the people to trade in meme coins like catcoin, bitcoin, dogecoin, Shiba Inu, etc.

Top 10 NFT Chartburster Play To Earn Games Supporting Blockchain Launchpad

NFT marketplace is offering a direct way to play, create and earn in a decentralized system. Binance & Coinbase are some of the best NFT marketplace offering play-to-earn facilities. Every year new play-to-earn NFT games are launched at a similar marketplace and act as an additional income resource.

Battle of Guardians

It is one of the best multiplayer battle games crafted for the NFT gaming marketplace on unreal engine. It functions over Solana blockchain network futuristic technology. Players take part in battlegrounds and try advanced tactics to win exciting rewards & prizes.

The game is crafted as a SciFi game ecosystem and advantageous to gamers via blockchain’s power & attractive graphics. Battle of Guardian gives the best experience over PC but iOS and Android smartphone users can also engage in battlegrounds and explore the SciFi world, blockchain power as well as unrivaled graphics.

The game has understood the deployment of the metaverse and other futuristic real-world technology designed with the fun-filled, stunning adventurous graphic theme and entertaining accessibilities. It avails the user to access real money, multiple opportunities to earn NFTs 

Axie Infinity

Axie infinity always tops the charts of the NFT marketplace. The outlook theme is similar to the viral game Pokemon. It’s a sort of online battle game allowing people to earn game currencies and invest in the NFT marketplace. Axie Infinity has a unique identity in the NFT marketplace, the currency used here is called small love coins.

Aliens World

Players have the chance to earn a unique cryptocurrency known as Trillium which facilitates trading as real-world money. To access the TLM prize pool players have to complete missions via virtual spaceships. Players will get more than 5 NFT’s to fulfill their missions on time and earn the prize or mine TLM. Players can explore 7 planets as rivals based on the BSC blockchain.

The Sandbox

We have positioned the Sandbox as third because of its top-notch level popularity in the NFT marketplace. The player can be associated with this real-world game project as an artist, commentator, decider of the game, collector, etc, and make the game more exciting. 

The Sandbox games are supporting the metaverse era in true means by offering the facility of real estate or land investment. Register the unique identity in the virtual world by owning lands or real estate property using the specific cryptocurrency ‘Sand’ designed specifically for this game.

The sandbox has given new hype to the world of real estate NFT marketplace and virtual and play-to-earn virtual gaming platforms.

Mines of Dalarnia

MInes of Dalarnia is a great project launched on Binance NFTmarketplace categorized as an action-adventure environment game. It is powered by real-state-based blockchain features where the players are categorized into three main categories of Miners, Landowners, and co-operating factions.

Everyone is doing their job such as miners have to find rich resources by fighting and destroying the building blocks. Landowners will deal as real estate dealers.

Players can participate in games as single players or in groups as a strong team with their friends. The game offers many exciting rich rewards, interesting quests/ competitions/ quizzes and monster fights to make the game more thrilling.

As with every NFT game, this also has unique currency upgrades, progression of assets & skills access, various type of transactions, etc.


It is also one of the best NFT play earn games introducing the concept of Ethereum Blockchain, expanding the community of NFT marketplace & futuristic blockchain technology and gaming space.

Players can explore the gaming interface as battlers, NFT creatures, and collectors. Windows and Mac users can access this game, play, and earn in their comfort zone. The trading volume of Illuvium is rising every hour in a real-time environment.

Be it Defi gamers, traders, or casual gaming enthusiasts both will find this game functionality interesting and addictive. Players can be traded on any piece involved in the game and earn Illuvium cryptocurrencies. The game collection is organized with the collections of classes & affinities that signifies the strength and weakness. Sign up on any NFT marketplace and access the tokens 

Illuvium was founded by Kieran Warwick, one of the best gaming Kieran Warwick and the outlook layout job is performed by the famous art director and game designers, Grant Warwick & Aaron Warwick. Their efforts are commendable in the development of the NFT gaming metaverse community.

My neighbor Alice

It is one of the most trending cross-platform NFT gaming platforms launched by the Binance Mystery Box program. It is a multiplayer game that enables the accessibilities of NFT gaming and regular gaming. Players can be NFT traders and collectors. 

While players are trying to make deals inland or accessing the tokens the price would be dynamically changed.

Unlock the rewards & benefits with your game expertise & skills and earn a decent reputation in the real-world game environment. Purchase Alice’s primary game token from the Binance Secondary marketplace and buy/ sell anything like land, or invest in collateralization, staking, or buyback.


Mobox is getting fame for the amazing combination of NFT gaming & Defi earnings. The platform is launched with the support of Binance secondary marketplace and possesses the features of cross-platform.

Players can yield Mobx tokens, and rewards, and play battle free of charge at their Mobox NFT. These tokens are also accessible at MOBOX space metaverse space.

Gods Unchained

It’s a deck card play-to-earn game that allows the player to construct their decks and compete with other players involved in the game. The game cards act as property that follows the Ethereum verification blockchain network and players are considered valuable assets.

The game volume has collected 1.3M+views in just a few days. Sophisticated attractive animations, graphics, and in-game features are the USP of this game. It will operate with gas-free transactions and Immutable X.

Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone is based on similar card construction practices.

Idle Cyber

Idle Cyber also has some great promising features enabling the users to explore a pool of opportunities. Anyone can make investments and earn profits or Defi accessibilities such as staking.

The outlook is inspired by the 2088 frontier defense gaming environment lets the users trade in an ideal NFT marketplace. In this game, the player’s job is to protect the wall, fight with huge-sized monsters or kill the cyborgs. Players have only one aim to save humanity from hard circumstances.

Apps & games are played by millions of users across the globe still their contribution to the economy is only 10%. More games and technologies are developing and we can expect more evolution in the upcoming years in the NFT gaming metaverse community with the involvement of augmented and VR.

Now and in the future, anything can be purchased and sold online as virtual assets and grow their real-world financial position using tokens or memcoins or other types of cryptocurrencies. Right now, the market volume is around USD 300B and it keeps rising.

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