Know The Right Way To Find Out Windows 10 WSL Version

WSL Version

Do you have any idea what WSL version is activated on your PC? Most people have asked this question over the forums and communities so here we are briefing on a whole concept of the WSL version.

WSL is actually a Windows Subsystem for Linux. Windows 10 users can add this additional accessibility requirement to enable the dedicated environment. Users don’t have to look for any conventional process to establish the virtual machine. Also, you don’t have to arrange any dual-use bot configuration setup.

If you are interested in assembling the functionalities of Linux, WSL enables the arrangement to acquire the utilities without any further technical support. However, the system needs to have 64-bit Windows support. After that, it will grant you permission to manage the additional windows subsystem environment.

The first WSL version is recognized as WSL-1. Further, the System supporting server version 2016 (developed in 1803)has permitted the installation of server OS. WSL has evolved over the years. In the initial, the Linux distribution and Windows NT were parted via the translation layer. They were responsible for the whole operation performed inside the system.

At present, we are using the WSL v2 upgraded in May 2019. It was launched with the Windows 10 version 1903, assembled 18362. This update has modified the patches at each level including performance, architectural behavior, and other arrangements. Now the system is designed with the smooth actual Linux kernel functioning inside the less-weight virtual machine rather than the translation layer involved.

Such arrangement has made significant changes to the file system performance and system calls and transits the supreme level of support.

To know whether your system is functioning with the older WSL version or updated WSL 2 you can follow the instructions listed below for your practice.

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Access Command Prompt accessibility.
  • Process the further operations in Run as Administrator.
  • Wsl.xe-list-verbose (run the command).
  • You can also go with the alternative command (WSL -l -v) it will also display the same results.

Both WSL versions are designed for the different distributions and support Windows OS users. Defending your purposes you can set up the environment on your system compiling the technical requirements.

It is the most basic and instant way to check the WSl version on your PC. For tech, PC, and latest gadget launch news visit the pages in the future also.

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