How to Fix Common iPhone Problems?

Apple iPhones are known for their amazing breathtaking functionality, high-end performance, and quality. All the iPhone components are manufactured and assembled with iPhones are like statement symbols or entities that define your persona. It doesn’t make me feel good if any type of connectivity or battery problem is encountered.

Common iPhone Issues and its solution

To make the user experience better, Apple has proposed significant changes in their iPhones or Mac. But in the deep down, many common issues are encountered in our life that can be resolved as well. If you don’t know how to deal with such scenarios. You can process this with this guide.

Guide to fix common iPhone issues

Frozen Screen

The frozen screen is considered a common issue. When you turn on your phone and it suddenly goes out black that problem is known as a frozen screen problem. The phone is turned on and functioning but nothing appears. This event happened to me in real-time when I was unable to pick up the phone. It often happens at the time of firmware updates or other updates running in the background.

Don’t worry you can fix this issue.

  • Tap and hold the volume increase button for 4-5 seconds and release.
  • Tap and hold the volume decrease button for 4-5 seconds and release.
  • Tap and hold the side button for the moment the logo appears on the screen.

If the phone is still dead or not turned on, your phone may run out of battery so simply plug in a charger to the switchboard for charging, check the status. Once it is charged using your phone.

Battery Draining issue

Many iPhone users have complained that we have to charge the iPhone so early. People will say if you are continuously using the phone for a long time then you have to charge it too. People think that a problem is encountered in the iPhone so they came up with a thought of battery replacement; it simply means an additional charge on your pockets.

Before moving on to this step, you should try the following ways it might solve your problem simply and affordably so you don’t have to go to any iPhone store. Read below:

  • Locate the settings icon on your phone screen interface.
  • Go to Account and Passwords > Fetch New Data.
  • Then please Turn Off Push at the top>scroll down.
  • Set fetch to 15 min.
  • We have a habit of adding multiple accounts on the phone to receive all types of data on a phone. You can make your preferences clear for an account. So it will not consume data as the battery.


  • Phone/App Updates

Check if there is any update pending on your phone, take update action soon as it might be the reason for the battery draining. 

  • Turn off location

Many apps are stored on your phone that needs location access to make your experience more enjoyable and informational. You don’t use such apps all the time but they are running in the background and draining the battery. It’s better to turn off the location or GPS of your if it isn’t needed at the moment.

  • Low network area

Low signals are also a significant reason for battery draining issues. Mobile phones network trying hard to catch the signals and be in a range that consumes battery. If you are sitting somewhere out of network range please turn in the airplane mode. 

Once your work is done and you are moved out from the location you can go to the network setting of your phone and turn off the airplane mode so you can receive calls, messages, and other notifications.

  • Adjust the brightness level of your phone screen as you don’t need a high point brightness. So Much brightness is not good for the eyes too as these blue rays affect the skin negatively.
  • Raise to wake is also a significant feature of the iPhone that quickly reminds you of the latest activity, notifications, calls, messages, etc., and gives you control to access them. Although it doesn’t consume the battery much turning off this can save a minor percentage of battery life.
  • Low power consumption mode- Many android phones come with this power-saving mode, effective to save battery life. This mode enables you to pick the calls and messages, and basic features, etc. All the animation, lights, and data notifications will be resumed for the time you don’t turn off this low power consumption mode and your phone will stay with good battery life.
  • You can also check the status of your battery usage on your iPhone by the apps. If any apps are consuming the most amount of battery and you don’t use this so frequently you can uninstall or force stop them. It will be so helpful to you to eliminate the battery draining issue.

Poor network connection

Backups are usually taken over wifi networks but sometimes it creates a problem and our most important works get delayed in this scenario. It can happen with anyone at any time, our phone battery gets exhausted but the work is still incomplete.

  • To improve the speed of Wifi speed you may go to the setting area of the phone then locate the option of Wi-Fi and reset it. After performing this action the network details will be erased from the phone. Now locate the new Wi-Fi- connection set the password and do your work.
  • If your phone is connected through a router then there might be a problem with the connectivity cable, it may be mislocated or torn. Check if any of the reasons are encountered or not. Disconnect the wire, wait for a second and reconnect it to the router. This will restore the internet speed. This method works in most scenarios. Also, check for the software updates. 

iPhone Heating Problem

We have a habit to perform many tasks at a single time opening multiple tabs. This problem was also encountered in PC after a long time of usage. If the problem remains the same for a long time and doesn’t find a way to eliminate the heating problem it may cause significant damage to the phone.

  • You should not use the phone when it is a plugin to the charger. If you will use the phone during charging it increases the heating, you may have heard the news of battery blast. Using a phone during charge may increase the risk of battery failure events. 
  • Turn off Bluetooth, and other background apps running on charging. It also increases overheating. Many new smartphone models come with an advanced feature that automatically turns off all the apps when the phone gets overheated.
  • Keep your phone out of the reach of the heated atmosphere.
  • You can use smart power mode to reduce overheating.
  • You should take your phone-in the consideration of experts.

iPhone water problems

iPhone 7and newly manufactured models are developed with water-resistant technology. Waterproof and water-resistant are two different terms. Whether your iPhone is water-resistant or not. A Liquid contact indicator is located on the iPhone. In iPhone 5 and its latest versions, You can find LCI inside the sim port.

In iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 models, and its older versions, the LCI is located inside the earphone jack port, at the charging point.

If the indicator light is red then it means it got affected by water. If it’s under period chances are of replacement or special care. You can follow the following steps to resolve the water damage issues of the iPhone.

  • If you dropped your phone in water and you quickly pulled it out of the water. Firstly, switch off the phone.
  • Disconnect all the accessories from all the connectivity ports. 


  • Open the back of your iPhone.
  • Take your sim card out of its position.
  • Use a soft cotton cloth to soak, drain and mop water.
  • Keep it in a cool and dry atmosphere and surface. You can use the dryer to dry your iPhone. After 48hours time, you may turn on the phone and check if it is working.

All these ways work most of the time so you can also perform these methods to resolve your iPhone issues.


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