10 Advanced Android Hacks to Try On a Smartphone

Android Hacks

Android and iOS are the two platforms that are used to develop a broad range of smartphone applications. If we talk about the comfort android grabs the top place, users can easily manage the things or access the apps on the smartphone. 

Android accessibility is very much user-friendly and manageable. You can make the appropriate arrangements according to your convenience and comfort. You can follow the tricks spread across the web. While the iPhone settings are a little critical to managing and one can’t easily manage things because the iOS functionality is a little more complicated and differs from the android phones. 

On Android phones, You get most of the accessibility that makes you connect across the world. You have the accessibility to set a ringtone to identify the person who gave you the ring. For this, you just need to download an app and after that enjoy the multiple ringtones for different callers. You can create a separate list of the songs that you can listen to offline. So, if you run out of internet data you can still enjoy your favorite songs.

Ease of access with smartphone tricks/hacks

If you want to make your android experience better you can try the following hacks. Adapting these tips make your android accessibility better. 

Secret space

We keep personal photos, Playlists, official data, and transaction details on our phones. You can’t keep your phone in hand the whole day if there is something that you want to hide from other individuals, Android phones have a secret space or secret folder to hide things. Although, people use different types of pattern locks to secure the phone from unauthorized use. 

You can go to the user settings menu to add a new user account on the phone. This account will give you the accessibility to install the apps and functionality by allowing needful permissions.

YouTube mix match

Are you a singer?

Your singing will get improved if you can understand proper lyrics. A lyrics app is available on the Google app store that helps to display the exact lyrics of the song. Go to the google play store on your phone then download the mix match app once the app gets downloaded. An icon will be visible to YouTube. You just need to tap on the mix match app icon and the lyrics will get visible to read.

Now you can read and learn the lyrics and get yourself ready for the stage performance or any singing competition auditions.

Tiny Linux laptop

Different people have different interests regarding the operating system.  Some of the people use Windows operating systems, some depend on Ubuntu. There is a separate group of Linux users.

Are you a Linux pc user and you manage your day-to-day task from Linux to the operating system then this will also possible with a smartphone. To make your smartphone compatible with Linux functionality you will need to install the Debian No Root Application and after that, your phone turns into a tiny Linux system or device.

There is no concern about android functionality changes. We have just added a few additional functionalities to manage our tasks through a smartphone application.

Heart health monitoring 

Our smartphone is not limited to games or photo editing apps. You can download online dictionary apps, educational purposes apps. Many health apps are available on the GPlay store that give the accessibility to monitor the condition of the heart. 

Now you don’t have to wait for two long to know about your heart health. Your phone camera and fingerprint scanner will allow this thing. An instant heart rate monitoring app is available on the app store that can give you the real-time activity of heart health. 

Turn on the flash of your phone, take your finger in the contact of flash, and the rest of the things will appear on your phone screen. It is quick, accessible, and simple.

Restore deleted message 

It can happen with anyone unexpectedly that you tap on the delete button on the message that contains the important information. It can make you panic if you want to retrieve the message then please use your laptop and install a recovery tool software on the system. Tap on the setting app of your phone and access the developer settings option, turn on the enable USB debugging.

Allow the access to install the recovery tool, go to the message option, and tap on recover. By this method, you can successfully get your information back. 

Confidential data

If you have stored something on a phone that is confidential and related to your workplace, organization, that you don’t disclose before anyone and you want to hide it from other users, the android phone offers a facility this can do by using encryption mode.

You can use the encryption functionality to secure sensitive and confidential data information. If you want to encrypt the data then you have to have some patience. The process is time-consuming, your phone battery may be drained in the middle of the process so it’s better to keep your phone connected to the charging point. So, the process can be completed without any failure events.

To get started with the encryption process,  Tap on the settings app, go inside the security option, then go to encrypt phone mode process. 

Find your phone

Many people have a bad habit of forgetting their things around the places. We know how important the smartphone is in our life. We manage chats, emails, messages, docs, presentations, phones, meetings on a video call and apps through the smartphone. If you left your phone somewhere, one can access all the sensitive and personal information,  photos, emails from your phone. Android phones are coming with new accessibility so you can locate your phone from anyplace.

‘Find My Android’ is a utility in Android accessibility feature that helps you to find your android smartphone using the email account. This account should be available on your phone. 

If you go to crowded places then always keep this feature, and the GPS of your phone is turned on. You also need to turn on the location of your phone. It will inform you about the exact location of the phone. By following this action you will be able to locate your phone in a secure way. The ‘Find my Android’ feature is one of the wonderful features that smartphone manufacturing companies offer in their models.

Lag and delay time

Most of the appliance’s life cycle is 1-2 years. The smartphone also functions properly for 1-2 years. As long as time passes, the lagging and delay time extends and the problem continues in the smartphone. After getting frustrated with the problem, people purchase a new phone but what if you don’t have a budget. 

In this case, you can download an application known as the Seeder application by which you can root your phone. This application will improvise the smartphone functionalities and reduce the lagging problem and delay time. You can manage your tasks for more time. Once you reach into the position to purchase a new phone get it.

Apart from all these tech android mobile hacks, if you have any idea of other advanced hacks you can share. 

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