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iphone 6 hard reset

Apple has developed a big market and a huge base of users, every high profile person is using Apple’s product. There are pros and cons of every product, it has some basic product issues that can be solved in a few seconds by the iPhone 6 hard reset option or resetting the network setting.

Read this entire article to resolve some common problems you face in day to day life.

New devices and new technologies are appearing around the globe and impressing the tech geeks with their specific features, looks, and operational functionalities. All these technology updates and changes making the life of humans easier.

Every year a couple of models launched and to make them more advanced the technology manufacturing companies launched the smart accessories.


Apple is a well-known technology-based company, known for its high-end iPhone, iPad, MacBook. Apple is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ubiquitous consumer electronics devices, and every tech geek wants to experience the innovative apple devices in his hand.

There is a separate fanbase of Apple products. Apple always comes up with excellent and advanced products to please its customers. In this series of innovations, a while ago Apple launched the AirPods, which was a sensational accessory/ product in the catalog of Apple.

Featuring Apple Airpods

Recently, Apple has launched the 2nd generation AirPods with the “Hey Siri” advanced feature. With this advanced feature, you can switch the device comfortably, these AirPods also coming up with the new and advanced wireless charging case.

If you want to try the new one then order the 2nd gen AirPods. If your old AirPods are in good condition and pleasuring you with soothing music then, it’s totally up to you to buy the new one or enjoy the old one.

From the launch date to now, there is no change in the popularity of 2nd gen AirPods and the USB is its high efficiency and easy connectivity. It offers noise-free cancellation, transparency mode, gentle fitted, and adjustable position.

You can roam around every corner of the room and can enjoy the music all day as it offers excellent battery performance.

Most of the time when we are all set to watch a movie, with the wired set of earphones, it gets loose or misplaced and we have to adjust it many times during the movie. It created the distraction and spoils the movie moment. To have a fascinated movie feel the Apple’s Airpods are great.

All these tech-products and accessories are designed with the perfect configurations and functionality but at a moment that can lack too and create a bug without any information.

Airpods are great accessories but as It’s a tech-accessory that can be malfunctioned anytime, we just can’t be 100% assured with the tech attribute. There are many people who have complained about the lack of functionality.

At the end of this blog, you’ll be able to solve the basic iPhone and AirPods issues on your own.

What to do if only one airport working

The problem we are going to reveal here is encountered in wired earphones too. You may have noticed that one side of the earphone starts behaving unfamiliarly or only one airport working. The apple’s AirPods have also been touched and affected by this bug.

We just can’t bear this malfunctioning behavior, So to make you feel relaxed form this situation, we are going to guide you through this post. Follow the instructions carefully:

Unlock your phone and on the display just tap on the settings and go to Bluetooth.

Go inside the Bluetooth, here you will see the “Forget This Device” and tap on it.

While you are going to practice this method must check the AirPods case is not discharged, and the Airpods should also be positioned in the Airpods charging case.

On the backside of the case, there’s a button that you have to locate with the hand-touch as a back color and the button is of the same color.

In the next step, open the battery case lid.

There’s also a flashlight on the battery case that works as an indicator.

When our mobile gets hung, we press its power button and volume(+ -) button together, the same we have to do in the AirPods, the back button should be pressed at least for 15 seconds.

After this, you have to close the lid and wait.

Then open it again and hold the battery case in your one hand and on the other hand take your iPhone or iPod, so it can connect easily.

On the screen of your phone, you’ll receive a popup to connect.

Alternative idea

Sometimes this problem arises because of the network issue, don’t worry, you just have to go to your iPhone’s setting then locate the general > Reset > Reset network.

With these two options, you can resolve your problem and enjoy the music as well. Now you don’t have to worry and stress with such minor tech issues and no need to go to any mobile shops for repairing tasks. You can save your money and time both.

As I have told you earlier, about the basic problems that will be set up with just iPhone 6 hard reset. We all love multitasking, love to play games, want to reply at the same moment, and other things.

During all these things our phone system gets confused and stuck on one window of the application by receiving the same operational orders at the same time. We try so hard to reverse back the options and it couldn’t help.

Most of the time additional kinds of errors get encountered and freeze the phone. The problem gets resolved by the DFU mode mechanism. By operating it you can get back the previous experience and iOS settings of the iPhone.

The Beta version and firmware make the unfamiliar change in the settings of the iPhone. The DFU mode is considered the best way to solve the problem and restore the settings.

iPhone 6 hard reset mechanism

Standard/ Simple mechanism

Locate the sleep/ wake up button, positioned on the right side of the iPhone. Press and hold down for a second.
While you are performing this step also hold the power button positioned on the front of the screen.
Hold this position until the apple logo is redisplayed on the screen as it is the indication of the proper restart.

A few basic problems can solve by performing the above three simple steps.

If your phone is not still working properly then get ready to perform a DFU mode mechanism.

Activation of DFU mode

To shift the iPhone in DFU mode and to do the iPhone 6 hard reset, you will need the USB lightning cable and Laptop/PC.

The first thing you have to do is to switch off the phone and link it with the USB cable to make the perfect connection between the iPhone and PC/Laptop. While you are associating these two devices make sure iTunes is active.

We have to repeat the same mechanism of standard reset, press and hold the sleep/ wake up button for 3sec. also hold the power button positioned on the front of the screen. The procedure should be performed around 10 sec.

The noticeable thing is, during the procedure the screen should be blank. If it’s not then repeat the previous procedure. After this, You have to release the sleep-wake up buttons by holding the home button for 5 sec at this moment you will see an iTunes plugin alert on the phone, so you need to restart the phone once again.

After repeating the procedure if the screen is blank, then you will receive a prompt msg on the PC screen that is written as

“iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used by iTunes.”

While the phone is in recovery mode, this message will display as a dialog box on the phone:

“If you are experiencing problems with your iPhone, you can restore its original settings by clicking Restore iPhone ”.

On your phone, you will see this message with 3 options that are Eject phone, Check for update and Restore iPhone.

Exit from DFU mode

To make an exit from DFU mode, you just have to press and hold the sleep/wake button and home button simultaneously till the moment the screen displays the Apple logo.


When we are discussing technology Apple is always positioned on top around the global rating chart. All the products and innovations are chartbusters and it never disappoints anyone. Although the prices of products are a little expensive because of its quality and high-performance measures it mesmerized everyone.

Every device faces lagging issues, Beta version malfunctioning, firmware, updates related issues, etc. Because of such basic problematic events, we can’t resist purchasing and bringing the aides and other Apple devices at home.

Apple devices are standard and make your appearance best among others.

We hope the information we have provided through this blog will solve your problem. (only one airport working)

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