Have You Lost Your Phone, How To Secure Digital Payment Apps

Nowadays due to digitalization, we manage most of our payment activities and banking-related work through our smartphones. In case you forgot your somewhere or if it gets stolen your UPI ID account will be at financial risk.

If you will not keep a few things in your mind then the result can be worse.

Generally, people are using Paytm, PhonePay, Google Pay and net banking options, online banking portals to make instant transactions. If any unauthorized person can get access to your phone it would be dangerous.

To avoid the risk of unpleasant events and data loss then the individual should first contact the sim provider to block his number and block UPI IDs so no one can access your contacts as well as bank UPI IDs. It will save us from financial loss and personal loss.

Smartphone and smart digital payment apps have made your life easier and more convenient but you should also learn some important tips to prevent unauthorized access on your phone.

Instant Methods to Block your UPI IDs 

Here, in this post, we are going to mention the UPI account blocking methods.

Block Google Pay

Do you make digital payments through Google pay most frequently?

In case you lose the phone, and are concerned about your banking information and transaction activities then blocking these UPI payment apps will be worth it for you.

You can dial 18004190157 and choose the right option to confirm the blocking process. Why do you want to block your UPI ID and what is the reason to attempt this?

Follow further instructions, talk to the support executive and he will address you about the overall interface and blocking process for your Google Pay Account.

Another method to keep your digital payment account secure is to clear the data so no one can get access to your Google account. You can wipe off the data from an android phone and iPhone from anywhere through your email ID, Pc, or alternative phone.

Block Phone Pay Account 

If you are a regular user of the Phone Pay UPI payment app then to avoid unauthorized access to your phone you can dial 08068727374 or on 02268727374 and proceed with further instructions.

While you dial these numbers, listen to the instructions carefully, the call may be transferred to support executives. He will let you know how you can block Phonepe UPI ID account.

UPI ID created using the phone no. email. detail if you want to complete the Phone Pe UPI ID block process then mention these details and last payment activity, value amount, etc.

Block Paytm ID

Before PhonePe and Google Pay had introduced digital payment apps or UPI transaction mediums Paytm was the ruler and market leader. It is still the leading app for UPI and digital payment activities. 

  • To avoid unauthorized access to your Paytm account you can access the helpline support on this number: 01204456456
  • Listen to the instructions and follow as instructed. Choose the right options. Fr lost or stolen phones.
  • Go to option- enter a different phone number, type your lost number.
  • Tap on- logout from all devices.
  • Visit Paytm official website.
  • Access 24×7 helpline support to get help regarding the lost phone or fraud. Locate to tab- report a Fraud.
  • Click on the issue or reason for your problem. Click on Message US.
  • Do you have any proof to claim your Paytm account id then attach one with this like a debit card? Credit card/ bank statement or Paytm account transactions, any confirmation mail, a message regarding the Paytm account transactions. You can also acclaim the Paytm account ownership through the registered phone number, and police complaint with the subject of matter that your phone was lost or stolen.
  • Once everything is done, let it be validated by Paytm. Confirm to block your Paytm account. Once blocking is done you’ll get a confirmation message.

Hope all these methods will help you and save you from big fraud and financial loss.

No matter how much these have saved our time but we should be very careful while saving our personal data or banking data on phones. If you lost your phone or forgot the passwords things can be uncomfortable for you. Do not disclose these details in front of anyone otherwise you can stuck in any problem.

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