Flipkart Big Billion Days ka Boss

Google Assistant Bot Can Help You To Bargain During Flipkart’s Big Billion Days

With this voice-based bot, Flipkart aims to provide customers with an experience which feels just as normal as shopping in the local market. Read more »
Apple watch series 4 bug

Apple’s Latest Watch Is Crashing Due To DST Bug

As Australia moved to DST, a number of newly launched Apple watches are crashing and rebooting because of a bug. Read more »
Amazon Armada Plan

Amazon To Let Sellers Run Their Own Delivery Trucks In Their Armada Plan

Amazon is expanding their supply chain capacities so that the speed of delivery can be increased for its customers. Read more »
Paytm mall sale

Paytm Mall Maha Cashback Sale Starts October 9th

The Sale will bring a number of discounts and deals like cash back, exchange offers and no-cost EMIs. Read more »
Bendable phone

Bendable Biodegradable Smartphones Could Be A Reality With This Atom-Sized Material

This semiconductor provides a flexible surface which can be used in future high-performance devices and it is biodegradable. Read more »
Robotic Navigation

Robots Are Rapidly Learning To Explore Just Like Human Beings

With new algorithms, robots are learning how to handle what other vehicles were doing. It is also helping the robots to observe their environment than just exploring. Read more »
Flipkart and bajaj Allainz

Flipkart To Offer Custom Made Insurance For Mobile Phones

Valid for a year, the insurance will cover liquid, accidental, screen and theft damage of the insured devices. Read more »
Made By Google Event

‘Made By Google’ Products Coming Out This Week

The search giant is expected to launch a smart home assistant, Pixel buds 2 and also a Chromecast along with two smartphones at the event on October 9th. Read more »
facebook messenger update

Facebook To Introduce Voice Command For Messenger Platform

Facebook is internally testing voice command feature for messenger which will help the user to send messages and initiate calls without manually operating the app. Read more »
Instagram new update

Instagram’s Name Tag Feature Helps You To Find a Friend

Instagram is also working on a feature which would share the location history of the users with Facebook. Read more »
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