Facebook Privacy Issue Affect The WhatsApp Payment In India.

Whatsapp Payment Plans Detained Due To Privacy Issue At Facebook.

Since February, Whatsapp is examining digital payment services in India with the partnership with ICICI Bank, which was allowed to a finite set of users, who able to invite their families and friends to demonstrate the services.  As per an estimate, 7,00,000 users have attempted the services according to the industry report. The ceremonial launch of the digital payment services by WhatsApp is anticipating to be detained more as head Facebook conflict dispatch of regard, adding with how it will reserve and split the user’s data. When the operation started, WhatsApp Pay was forecast to go live bu the ending of the March. But the plan was directly affected by the privacy concern the Facebook Cambridge Analytica incident and the RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) instruction on data storage.

There is no confirmation that when the services will be expanded to all the Indian users, notify by the bankers with the straight comprehensive of the conflict. Who compute that Facebook underway challenges to satisfy Indian director on the safety of the user internal data and information has also driven to delay in the launching.  The report said that Whatsapp is still assessing the RBI standard on data localization.

According to the NPCI report, the Digital Payment settlement apparatus now has 101 banks currently on the live platform and the overall number of transaction for the previous financial year rise at 915.23 million, with Rs 1.1 lakh crore Rupee of the transaction.

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