Pluto is covered with icy methane dunes

The most distant dwarf planet in the solar system, Pluto, is covered with dunes of methane ice, a surprising discovery for this ultra-light planet, where it is about -230 degrees. The atmospheric... Read more »

WHO no longer recommends taxing sweetened beverages

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Noncommunicable Disease Committee is moving away from the two-year-old call by the UN agency to tax sweetened beverages in a new report on diseases such as cancer,... Read more »

Colorectal cancer: two times cheaper to treat in Canada than in the United States

Canadian hospitals are spending half as much money as US facilities to treat colorectal cancer patients for almost the same efficiency, according to a US study. To reach this conclusion, Dr. Todd... Read more »

Samsung presents its Galaxy S9, designed for augmented reality

The South Korean conglomerate Samsung has officially presented its brand new high-end smart phone, the Galaxy S9, designed to integrate augmented reality, as a curtain-raiser of the Barcelona Mobile World Congress. Absent... Read more »
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