Apple wants to help you limit your screen time

The annual Apple Designers Conference (WWDC) is currently in full swing in San Jose, California, and the electronics giant has taken the opportunity to announce several new releases in the coming months. Here is what awaits the customers of the company.

Apple knows we are using our devices more and more. The twelfth version of iOS will be delivered with a new application called Screen Time that will accurately track the use you make of your iPhone or iPad.

A weekly report will graphically show your screen time so you can see at a glance how much time you spent on social networks, productivity apps, or entertainment services.

You will also know how many times per hour you turn on your phone screen and what application you use after turning it on. The number of notifications sent by each application will also be counted.

It will even be possible to limit the time spent on an application using notifications and a screen that will interrupt your use when the limit is reached.

The parental control system will give parents access to their children’s data and allow them to choose the time limit for each application.

Group Conversations in FaceTime

Apple’s popular video chat application will now offer conversations of up to 32 people.

Video effects (animojis, memojis, filters and stickers) will also be supported by the application.

Memojis, the logical continuation of animojis

Do you remember animojis, these animated emoticons thanks to the facial detection of the iPhone X? Apple is repeating this year with a version called memojis.

This time, the characters will be fully customizable, which will allow you to create an avatar to your image (or not).

Siri, more connected than ever

App designers will now have more integration options for the Apple Voice Assistant. Siri can be used as a shortcut to perform an action that is part of your habits, like order coffee on the application Starbucks.

If you are the type to misplace your keys and you have a Tile cookie, you can also ask Siri where are your keys and she will look for the information in the application without you having to open it.

You can even create queries and associate them with specific actions in a dedicated application.

macOS Mojave: welcome on the dark side

The next version of the macOS operating system will be named Mojave. This version will introduce a dark mode, ideal for reducing eye strain, especially in places with little or no light.

The Safari browser will also be updated to include an anti-tracking system .

Finally, the interface of the App Store will be updated to be easier to read and to put forward video previews and evaluations.

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