Access More Lock Screen Customization and Accessibility with Tech Nukti App

Tech Nukti App

Tech nukti app is trending now, it has become the headlines in various search results. Tech Nukti App is developed to inform the users about all the latest tech updates, social media app updates, android phone tricks, and related information. It also shares the app reviews to save other users time. 

With this app, users can customize the lock screen that will add a layer of safety and privacy. You can choose any one lock style theme to make the lock screen attractive. Right now, the Gold Lock Screen is featured in search results. It is attractive in a gold zip theme. Check this blog, how to get this app on your phone.

Install Tech Nukti beautiful Gold Zip Lock Screen App

If you want to get this app it is available in Google Play Store. You don’t have to spend anything to get this app. It is free, & verified from the play store, designed with a simple user interface, and permits you to customize the design and appearance.

Android Phone users can get the Gold Lock Screen app on their android phones. It enables the users to modify the design, fonts styles, lock screen, wallpaper appearance, colors. These wallpapers do not consume much space of your phone memory and enable you to get the experience of multiple attractive wallpapers.

  • You can install this Tech Nukti Gold Lock screen app from Google Playstore or visit the official website of the google play store.
  • Search the name of the Tech nukti app.
  • Tap the app > Download > let it install.
  • It will be available on your phone.

Once it gets downloaded, on your phone then confirm all permission, select your favorite lock screen design, zip pattern, and wallpaper.

Get IPL match updates from tech Nukti App

You Can also get the IPL news updates on this Tech Nukti app. It is compatible with both versions, iOS and Android Phone. You just have to follow the directions to download and install the apk file of the app features.

Time Lock Tech Nukti App

If you want to access the Time Lock app through Tech Nukti then just visit the Google Play Store and install the app. 

Find the Set time as Screen Lock password. Complete the installation process.

Whatsapp Delete Messages accessibility 

Want to access Whatsapp delete message then install and download the app from Google Play Store. Find with search keywords-Whatsapp delete Message.

Install the Tech Nukti app and access the features.

It will beautify and give a premium touch to your phone lock screen.

On the Google Play store, you may find various apps for file transfer, media transfer, PDF download, Call details, News app, Hindi to other language translation app, fitness app, etc.

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