My Live Wallpapers and another alternative to try on Windows/ Mac laptop


Live wallpaper gives a different experience from the active wallpaper. Anyone can launch the live wallpapers on the desktop of mac and windows by downloading the application. 

The process to install and use live wallpapers

Installation process to get mylivewallpapers

Mylivewallpapers is designed for the Android platform. To get this app on a desktop PC you have to install an emulator environment and then the Google play store can access it to download Android Apps.

  • Just search for my live wallpapers or live wallpaper.
  • Click on the link of mylivewllpapers.
  • It will take you to the homepage of the website.
  • Different types of categories are available there
  • Whatever collection you want on your desktop click to install and let the process complete.

After that you can access the main setting > personalization/ appearance/ background and select the background type static/ animation/ dynamic/live.

Alternative ways to get Live wallpapers on PC


It is an application downloadable on PC Search, Click to install and download the application on Windows 10 PC.

Access DesktopHut main interface.

Go to the Select LiveWallpaper button.

You may find all the live wallpaper downloaded by you in the Downloads folder.

Tap to play to launch the live wallpapers on the desktop. 

KLWP Application

KLWP is also a live wallpaper maker application. With the help of this application, you can create a beautiful wallpaper using the WYSIWYG editor. The app also offers the following accessibilities:

  • Clock, 
  • Google Fit data, 
  • Weather, 
  • System information, and 
  • RSS feed.

 Live Wallpaper Creator Script

It is a programmable method to launch live wallpapers on the desktop. Extract the zip file on any location any drive part of your PC.

Run the setup as administrator to access the functionalities.

Default images will be available where you can cut them and save them to another location.

You can manage and store any image this program can set and use on a desktop background.

You can open the app, access the gallery, select the video clip part to crop and edit the background.

Live wallpaper on PC

To access any live wallpaper on your PC and Laptop, click the right button on the screen of the desktop. A menu will appear then click on personalize. Go to Desktop background Link. browse. Select the image file you want to set as wallpaper.

  • You may also make Gif from your live wallpaper by downloading the Gif maker for your Windows PC.
  • To access the wallpaper you can click on File Explorer, the shortcut icon is given on the taskbar.
  • Want to view a new wallpaper every day on your desktop screen then download and install the dynamic theme app. 
  • Unsplash is a website that gives the accessibility to download HD images, backgrounds, and wallpapers. Artpips is also a source to get these live wallpaper.
  • The VLC media player is used to listen and watch audio and video contention on desktop laptops. If you like any part and want to set it as wallpaper then select that video and confirm the action to set as wallpaper.

Live Wallpaper on Chromebook

To access any live wallpaper on Chromebook, click the right button on the screen of the desktop. A menu will appear then click on personalize. Go to Desktop background Link. browse. Select the image file you want to set as wallpaper. To open the ‘file explorer’ by shortcut keys you can press ‘windows+E’ and check the file explorer wallpaper location.

Live Wallpaper on Mac

All the wallpaper images are collected in the Photo app. 

To set the live wallpaper on Mac You have to select the one from this app, it can be transformed into a Gif file. You may see the animation affection by swipe-up action.

You can turn on the loop effect for the live wallpaper to continuously run the line wallpaper on the screen.

You may access live wallpaper on Mac by clicking the Apple Menu then go to system preferences > Desktop Computers And Screensavers > select left pane folder select the art painting > list the folder.

Apart from all of these options Wallpaper engine is also available to launch live wallpapers and screensavers on the screen background.

You can add this as a windows theme and turn on/turn it off anytime you want to do it.

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