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In the past few years, the market of OTT platforms has risen rapidly. People are accessing multiple platforms to stream multilingual content to spare their free time. All these OTT platforms are great sources of entertainment and if people want to learn a new language then this content 

makes them familiar with it.

Cliver TV is a great application for Spanish language content such as web series, web shows, movies that you can play and watch on any device anywhere

Many other sites and platforms are actively releasing new content for people of every genre. Are you looking for a Cliver TV alternative then we are listing some of the popular sites:

Check the listing for Cliver TV alternative entertainment platforms

The site is good to explore worldwide premiering shows and movies content. You can find the Cuevana app on Google Play Store and download it on your favorite devices. The application is packed with interesting entertainment content in languages- English, Latin, Spanish, Castilian with subtitles and captions. Viewers can choose any category and navigate to their favorite content.

It is also considered as the competitor web streaming service provider of the Cliver TV application platform. Viewers can stream this site to consume the content of all genres, series, Dramas, Animations, films in the Spanish language. You can explore the best popular and latest release content demonstrated on the homepage.

Look at the sidebar of this website where all the available genres are listed to inform you what you can find on this site for your entertainment purpose. The site has had a collection of movies from 1931 to now. The content is of full HD quality to make your entertainment experience more enjoyable.

It offers free streaming accessibility to watch movies, web series shows over the internet. You can explore the collection of various types of content released since 2009. You can check the latest released movies, web series, and other genre content.

Want to stream entertainment content on the web then it can be a Cliver TV alternative platform option to stream the things of your choice. You may cater to your category of movies and web series to watch on-demand. You can download the content episodes or entire film and series in one go to stream later. You may watch the content free of cost in your native favorite language.


Access the website to mine your favorite entertainment stuff from old to new latest released section. You can search content by year name or language genre. You will find whatever you want to stream to avoid your boredom moments. It is also considered as one of the best entertainment alternative platforms you can choose instead of the Cliver TV application.

Access all the popular, recently released, Netflix series & movies through the homepage search bar. The platform listed 14000+ suggestions for movies and web series free of cost.

Explore the wonderful inventory of to stream the content of the following great genres:

  • Parody, 
  • Activity, 
  • War, 
  • Science-fiction, 
  • Movement, 
  • Dream,
  • Frightfulness,
  • Etc.

Everything is demonstrated on the platform, avail the visitors to cater and find their content from the typeset:

  • Country,
  • Year of release, 
  • Score,
  • Refreshed connection,
  • Generally famous, and others.

You can visit this website platform and access the interface to stream your favorite Movies. You may filter the results by channel name, film names, actors/ entertainers, etc. Access the navigation bar from the top to control your searches and actions. To access HD quality movies you can see it as one of the most engaging Cliver TV alternatives.

This site or platform is one of the reliable and safe resources to stream entertaining content and that’s why it is listed here. But the site is not available for Indian viewers so you may use a VPN connection or proxy server to stream its content. It is viable as an application platform to launch on Android devices accessing the Google Play Store. 

The platform provides the accessibility to access the movies and TV shows since 2010 powered by Screen Media Ventures, LLC. You only have to register your identity as a user but don’t need to pay for subscription packs, streaming is free and activated as legal platforms just like Netflix or Disney+Hotstar.

Other Cliver TV Alternative and competitors 

Apart from all of these listed platforms, viewers can also visit,,,

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