Ancient Frozen ‘Super Earth’ Found Orbiting A Nearby Star

Ancient Frozen ‘Super Earth’ Found Orbiting A Nearby Star

According to the experts, the surface temperature of the planet is around -170 degrees Celcius. It is too cold to support any life. Read more »
Single-person spacecraft

Innovative One-person Spacecraft Design Passes Leak Test

The spacecraft has successfully passed the underwater-fit test. Also, it was able to pass the pressure test when it faced 1.5 times the expected operating pressure. Read more »

The longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century slated for Friday

A rare celestial show will occur friday July 27th. Star gazers will have opertunity to see the moon turn red and darken as it passes through the shadow of Earth blocking. Once... Read more »

Pluto is covered with icy methane dunes

The most distant dwarf planet in the solar system, Pluto, is covered with dunes of methane ice, a surprising discovery for this ultra-light planet, where it is about -230 degrees. The atmospheric... Read more »

Mercury’s crust is thinner than previously thought

Mathematical calculations have determined that Mercury’s crust is thinner than previously thought. The small planet Mercury is the one whose orbit is closest to the Sun, so that few probes have been... Read more »

Sudden Appearance of Martian Stone Bafflers Mars Rover Scientist

The Mars Rover began it’s mission on the planet Mars back in 2004, and each day of its mission has been counted incrementally from since time as Sol 1, Sol 2, Sol... Read more »

Mars, Earth, and Sun Align Today, April 8

To most people, an opposition is a condition, circumstance, or entity that stands betwixt a person and their objective. However, in the field of astronomy it refers to an interplanetary alignment that... Read more »

Astronomers create new theory of the origin of the solar system

Astronomers at the University of Chicago and Clemson at E: U, created a new theory of the origin of the solar system, claiming that it came into being through a cloud shell... Read more »
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