Innovative One-person Spacecraft Design Passes Leak Test

Single-person spacecraft

A spacecraft designed to eventually replace the spacewalking astronaut activities passed two key pressure tests. The concept of the spacecraft is from the Maryland based Genesis Engineering Solutions. This spacecraft just has a room for one person. The astronaut would float inside the spacecraft for a few hours and they could use the robotic arms for operating the equipment. Propulsive thrusters would allow the spacecraft to settle close to the target just like the NASA’s Manned Maneuvering Unit jetpack, which was tested in the year 1980s.

In order to do repairs on NASA’s Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway space station, instead of using bulky spacesuits, it would be possible for Genesis spacecraft operator to use the robotic arms while being inside the cockpit. But before leaving the planet it has to pass several tests. One of the tests is to check if it can handle the pressure. There was a test which was performed by the Engineers for the same at the facility of their partner, AMRO fabricating Corp. the spacecraft showed that the crew cabin could hold the pressure more than expected operating pressure. In the results of the second test, it was observed that there were minor leaks from its joints. But the goal is to have no leaks at all.

Earlier this year, the spacecraft successfully passed the water-fit test. In this test, the scuba divers swam into the spacecraft while it was completely immersed in the pool. The volunteers of different height and weight tried to operate the system, it was done to see that the spacecraft can fit a standard range of human body types. There would be a few more tests before the spacecraft is finally launched. While the flight date has not been decided yet, the company is trying to port the craft onto a rocket for the test while the ISS-International Space Station is still active.

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