Stop Doing These Nonsense Tech Mistakes From Now!


Are you also making these tech mistakes?

Nowadays to maintain a comfortable lifestyle gadgets are a must-have. Apart from necessity now people are more conscious of the brands no matter how expensive they are. We are ready to purchase them but we forget to treat them carefully. 

In an entire day, the phone slipped off our hands 1-2 times but when it’s done more frequently it impacts on the functionality of a smartphone. The similar sort of negligence we do with our devices and gadgets. However, if your phone is covered with screen protector glass then it’s a relief but what about the other basic mistakes you make?

Ideal laptop Battery charging

We have a habit of charging our laptop until the notification displays on the screen to remind us that the battery will be drained in a moment, then we immediately connect the charger. It’s not appropriate for battery lifecycle and charging cycles. While the battery status is 10%-20% it takes too long to charge the laptop so charge it 5 times and let the battery cycle.

To extend the battery life and laptop performance please always keep your laptop between 40%-80%.

Laptop battery cycles have a definite no. of count and when it approaches to limit you will notice the change in performance. 

Don’t fully charge your phone

Another mistake we make with our devices is charging them to 100% until it is fully charged and waiting to see if it hits the point of 100% or not. The battery status should be in the range of 30%-85%. People have a habit to let their phone plugin overnight which can cause the battery life of the phone. Please don’t do that to avoid any sort of risk.

Temporary USB cables

Mobile manufacturers and laptop manufacturers provide us with a proper adapter with the appropriate brand-supported USB cable. Accidentally, if the cable is damaged or we have lost it we usually shift to temporary cable options to charge or data transfer but that is not the right thing to do.

Every device and adapter has different combinations to charge and have different capabilities to produce the battery juice. 

In the market all-in-one USB cables and adapters are available but as we said not all the adapters are good for all devices so try to avoid and get a branded USB adapter and charger to avoid any sort of battery incompatibility issues. Relying on temporary. Low-quality, cheap things may end up with expensive maintenance.

Use wipes to clean the device

You can find various options for gadget screen cleaners. Shop owners and product dealers provide it as complimentary stuff to the customer to remind them that regular cleaning is important to prolong their product life. Dust will slow down the glaze and internal parts’ performance. Mineral water may leave spots of dust and does not offer the proper clean screen. 

Also, the Colin and other household/ kitchen cleaners are not good for your devices and gadgets’ screens.

Instead of using any alcohol added cleaning products or compressed air, or paper towels tissues you can either use an electric air duster or cleaning wipes both will be manageable to clean the laptop and phone screen. Soft cotton cloth and microfiber cloth are also good for cleaning practices.

If you can’t do proper cleaning yourself tell someone like your friend and gadget care solution shop to clean them properly for you.

Don’t be messy or careless

Are you very careless about your gadget then you need to change your habit immediately?

It will be problematic for the long run or other important stuff. Phone manufacturers have understood that today’s generations are moving ahead in the fast-paced environment so we have upgraded the security patches and designed the phone with additional security and safety cleanliness measures. Smart devices are certified for the test cycles of dust, sweat, and water splashes.

Phones usually get damaged by heating issues if you leave your phone in the exposure to sunlight. Maybe the apps will not function properly for a while and you need to wait until it cools down.

Extreme cold and extreme heat impact the phone performance so please avoid getting closer to any environment.

All are basic problems and solutions but we don’t pay attention to them and leave things running for a long time. Please be a responsible person and take care of gadgets avoiding nonsense mistakes.

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