Search Giant Google Adds Consumer Support With Google One

Search Giant Google Adds Consumer Support With Google One

Many of us have experienced being locked out of our Google account at least once. Not being able to login into your Google account was very frustrating because there was no customer support to contact. But it is most likely to change with Google One. Google storage has been upgraded to Google One. Earlier this year, Google has designed storage options which comes with twice the storage. It also allows the user to share the storage with other as well. Mainly, it provides actual customer support.

Google One is available for as little as $1.99 per month and It allows 100 gigs of storage. With this, users are able to talk to someone from actual customer support who can help them various issues, one of them being password recovery. According to Google One manager, Brandon Badger, it is a major component of the latest storage package. Google One Support will help the users in having an improved experience and get answers to their queries in a proper and timely manner. Badger continued by saying that users with paid storage plans use various other Google products and services which provides the users with answers to problems that they have.

This ability to contact customer service shows the growth of consumer cloud products which were not available previously. However, with this Google One Support, there is no guarantee that the problems of being locked out of Google account would be resolved. But, at least the users will have someone to at least talk about it or it is possible that the problem might actually resolve.

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