Samsung Has Become The Top Supplier Of Semiconductor


The market of semiconductors is spread across the globe. Intel and Samsung both are known for the same work. According to the quarterly revenue report, Samsung has beaten the position of Intel and secured the top position for the high sales of the memory chips.

According to the industry tracker Omdia, Intel has continuously maintained the top position for 11 quarters but now Samsung has come forward and changed the graph and position. Samsung has manufactured and supplied the DRAM and NAND in large amounts more than intel. It has topped the charts for two consecutive quarters. It has become the largest semiconductor provider and supplier and expanded its sales growth.

DRAM and NAND are memory chips. DRAM is volatile, which is a sort of dynamic random access memory especially designed for personal computers, workstations, servers. It maintains the data and information for the time the power is on. NAND flash is different from DRAM, it is non-volatile memory storage and can store the data without a power supply.

Samsung semiconductor or memory chips sales have grown by 12% compared to the previous quarter. The culture and ecosystem of remote working and virtual learning have improved, therefore, for the development of application and infrastructure the demand for chips has increased. Samsung has contributed a lot to supply the chipset on a global level and ranked top over Intel. The shared revenue of manufacturing chipset is 29%.

According to the reports, 4 semiconductor makers are actively working on the manufacturing of memory chips. Among all 4, Samsung, Hynix, Micron,  is ruling the semiconductor market. The market is rising in an unpredictable manner and has touched the mark of $153.2billion in the July-September quarter. It was more than the second quarter, which is a record. The pandemic has encouraged the options of technology and strengthened the economy.

The market revenue of Samsung in the second quarter of the year 2021 was 43.2% that has increased to 43.9%. 

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