Samsung Collaborates With IT Firm NEC For Global 5G Business

Samsung and NEC partnership

Samsung Electronics has partnered with Tokyo-Headquartered global IT infrastructure provider NEC Corp. to examine more 5G business opportunities in the global market. Atsuo Kawamura, Executive Vice President and President of the Network Services Business Unit at NEC, said in a statement that this 5G development based on standardisation will help in fueling the business transformation throughout global markets. Also, he said that, as 5G commercialisation is just about to start, they are certain that Samsung will continue to solidify the stance of the firm as a 5G leader.

The partnership between Samsung and NEC could bring mobile carriers with a lot more flexible 5G solutions which are localised for each location with personalised services to meet the demands of mobile carriers. 5G will allow unparallel services and business models, it is unavoidable for mobile carriers to demand customized solutions and flexible network architecture.

5G technology will be able to unbolt the potentials, create new values and also exceed the limits of the technology which is present today. It will help in providing new opportunities by opening doors to new potentials and creating higher values. It will be able to provide much more than what the technology in the present time has to offer. Also, these 5G solutions will provide services specially customized as per the need of the mobile carriers. The 5G technology will provide unprecedented services which can help in achieving much more. So, it is clear that we can expect a lot more from this partnership.

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