Driverless Hover-Taxis To Take Wing In Singapore

Hover Taxi Singapore Test

Test flight of the Hover-Taxis will take place in Singapore next year. It will be the latest innovation which will offer an escape from Asia’s traffic jams. A large number of commuters in the region’s cities have to cope with traffic congestion every day, which leads to developing new ways to avoid traffic. Though Singapore does not face such kind of traffic congestion. But it is still considered perfect test-bed for new developing technologies because of its compact size and openness to innovation.

German Firm, Volocopter said that they will be conducting the test flights in Singapore in the second half of 2019, along with the support of the government. These taxis resemble helicopters, as these taxis take off as well as they land vertically. The taxis are based on the drone technologies and it is able to fly two people for around 30 kilometres. After the tests in Singapore, these taxis will have a public demonstration in Dubai. The Volocopters are designed for the inner city missions, it can face minor turbulence around the skyscrapers to allow a smooth riding experience.

Also, these taxis are very quiet that a flight height of 330 feet, it cannot be heard over the typical background of the city. Volocopters can be controlled by the pilot through a joystick or remotely from the ground. Volocopters will also be setting up a product design and an engineering centre in Singapore which will support its expansion plans. They are also getting ready to roll out their first fixed routes in the cities. These Hover-taxis will also complement the helicopter-hailing services which are already taking off in some cities to beat traffic.

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