Qualcomm’s New Wi-Fi Chips Are Meant To Compete 5G Speeds

Qualcomm new wifi chips

Qualcomm is launching a series of chips which can offer incredible high-speed Wi-Fi. This will have speed up to 10 gigabits per second to various devices like phones, laptops, routers etc. it seems that it is the start of the new generation of Wi-Fi standard. Though, it will not speed up the web browsing. Wi-Fi is changing and over the next year, we can expect to have something like Wi-Fi 6. There is a major change which has happened, this change has not taken place for the networks working at home or at a regular cafe. But it is upgraded for a more specific purpose. Purposes like replacing the virtual reality headset’s data cable with a high-speed wireless link.

For this purpose, Wi-Fi is being used for many years. It is done using a wireless technology called WiGig. These new chips from Qualcomm have taken WiGig to a whole new level of the wireless standard called 802.11ay which can make the speed twice as fast and it can do it even 100 meters away. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, the new standard increases the peak data rates of the WiGig and it improves the spectrum efficiency by reducing latency. The normal Wi-Fi cannot be used as that range is only line-of-sight. Also, this Wi-Fi is based on millimetre radio waves in 60Ghz range. It is very fast, but at the same time, it faces difficulty in overcoming the obstacles, like a wall.

It is very useful for the people, who require such high-speed connection. But in order to make it work well, the user must work in the same room because of the wall obstacle issue. So, if you are thinking to buy a new router next year, you’ll still look for the Wifi 6 Logo. If WiGig ends up in a product that you buy, it’ll be just an advertised feature, it will need an additional support and it will work in addition to Wi-Fi 6 than its alternative.

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