Apple iPad Is Getting The Full Version Of Adobe Photoshop Later This Year

Photoshop on iPad

There are a number of apps by Adobe which is used for the purpose of editing and more on iOS platforms. Adobe Photoshop is considered to be the best editing software offered by the company. This software was not yet available for iOS platforms which is much likely to change now. As the company is just about to reveal its full-fledged version of Photoshop for iPad Pro. The new strategy of the company involves making more apps available for iPad including Photoshop.

This version will be a full-fledged version of Photoshop, not a mobile version. This will include almost every feature that the desktop version of Photoshop offers. Unlike the mobile version of the software, this version will provide all the features on the iPad. According to the Chief Product Officer, Executive Vice-President For Creative Cloud, Scott Belsky, Real Photoshop is being introduced for iPad. The Photoshop base is being used on the iPad. Earlier, Photoshop was being offered for iPad but it did not support all the features of the desktop version. It would be very beneficial for people who use mobile as a tool for creativity.

With this, it would be easy for the users to use the photoshop platform just where they are. It has reduced the need for a desktop to perform editing on Photoshop. Just like the desktop version, designers will be able to create many layers of the project on Photoshop on iPad. Users will also be able to see all the details of the layers, with just a pinch to zoom on iPad. It will provide a great opportunity to the creators who want to work on the go. Also, the changes made will automatically be saved on the Creative Cloud, so the changes made on iPad will be saved on the file on the desktop as well. If this proves to be successful for the designers, it might also eliminate the need for laptops.

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