Qualcomm and Microsoft Collaborated for AR Glasses development


In the year 2021 Facebook has announced the term Metaverse where all the tech companies and enterprises will come together to build an advanced virtual environment and upgrade the virtual experience. To support this concept of Metaverse two known entities have tied up. Microsoft and Qualcomm are trending in news stories. They together announced the development of Snapdragon augmented reality AR chips.

Microsoft and Qualcomm have supported and shown their belief in the concept of Metaverse. The metaverse is still in process and these small collaborations are smart moves towards the creation of a new virtual environment.

With the mutual efforts and support of Microsoft Mesh and Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer, Platform power-efficient lightweight AR glasses will be developed. It will improve the efficiency and immersive experience of the virtual world.

  • Before this partnership of AR glasses making, Qualcomm was also an active member of AR headsets. 
  • It also supports the other product of Microsoft -HoloLens Headset where the Snapdragon 850 chip has been integrated. This Microsoft HoloLens 2 was released in 2019. 
  • Qualcomm and Microsoft have also partnered for Laptop Development. Microsoft’s Surface Pro X was a product developed with the integration of Qualcomm.

Whenever we talk about the concept of the virtual environment or the development of virtual gadgets, Qualcomm is listed as the first member. It has always partnered with companies for the development of virtual products. AR headset, AR Glasses and, Laptop are some of the reliable proof of how it encourages the sense of reality-virtual transformation. Qualcomm has extended the virtual experience fun with its XR Space support and integration of technology.

Facebook has created the chaos of Metaverse, a transformational space of technology, and developed the Oculus Quest2. Facebook technologies have integrated Snapdragon’s XR2 in this development. Qualcomm is making a significant impact with its integration.

Qualcomm Technologies has always followed the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies for the fulfillment of virtual reality ecosystems. With Microsoft, it is doing the same and enabling the support of the XR chipset that Microsoft is going to integrate with its software and hardware.

XR and Microsoft Mesh will work together to develop innovative, virtual, safe, comprehensive products to expand and scale the stage of Metaverse. Qualcomm will be the invertible part of this transformation. Ruben Caballero, the Corporate Vice president of Microsoft Mixed reality has supported the partnership.

Metaverse is a stage in which the people can be connected with everyone from their remote location with the support of virtual gadgets and experience the same real view as they are physically present there. The difference will be eliminated between the real world and the virtual world, and people will come closer and be integrated into a new transformational world complying with the concept of Metaverse. 

In the development of metaverse projects, Apple is also planning to release the AR Headset that will be powered by reality and virtual world software and hardware support. It will be developed with premium quality sensors and M1 Chips.

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