Most Awaited Facebook Dark Mode Is Now Come: Activate Today By This Simple Process.

Most Awaited Facebook Dark Mode Is Now Come: Activate Today By This Simple Process.

Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook comes up with a new update that is facebook now provide a Dark Mode to make that chat platform more creative and better interactive for users. The company worked out the unsend experience for messages sent on a messenger now it is assuredly rolling out the much- demanded dark mode for the chat platform.

As per the reports the dark mode characteristic is under beta experiments and can be approved by sending a crescent moon emoji to your friends or to yourself.

Process To Activate Facebook “Dark Mode”

After examining this feature on both iOS and Android devices, the iPhone user will have to wait some more as the feature did not confer on iOS at the point of our trial. For Android user, it can allow the feature by just asking your friend to send you a crescent moon emoji or a user can also send to itself. Once you get the emoji, you will able to view a shower of moons beside with a pop-up message that states “You have found dark mode” and to permit it from users settings. To optimize the Dark Mode, go to your profile page, where you find the option to turn the Dark Mode on.

Facebook last updation is unsend message feature for Messanger. It is similar to Whatsapp feature that is WhatsApp provide you one hour to delete your message and Facebook provide you ten minutes to delete your message that you send.

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