Instagram’s Name Tag Feature Helps You To Find a Friend

Instagram new update

Just a few weeks before, Instagram launched a feature which allows the users to purchase items featured by businesses and influencers. Recently, the photo-sharing app has launched another feature which can help the users to find a friend. This feature is called “Name Tag” it is just like an identification card which allows Instagrammers to find their friend’s Instagram profile when it is scanned. According to the company, every name tag is different and it can help people in adding more accounts which they discover.

Setting up the feature is very simple, all you need to do is visit the profile of the person, tap the button with three lines at the top and then choose “Name Tag.” It would be possible for the users to customise their name tags by clicking anywhere on the screen or they can also do it by clicking the button at the top to make changes in details such as colour, emojis and selfies with various stickers. Also, using the new feature, users can swipe right for the camera, float it over the name tag and holding it down on their screens to search for their friend. It is very similar to scanning a barcode.

Users can share their name tags with their friends via text messages or using other platforms like Facebook or Whatsapp. The feature is being rolled out on Android as well as iOS devices. The company is also testing a school community feature which will provide school and college students with a platform to easily connect and also a feature which would allow the app to share the user’s location history with Facebook. It means that Facebook will have the access to the user’s location and the daily map of the places the user has been to, collected by the photo-sharing platform.

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