Facebook To Introduce Voice Command For Messenger Platform

facebook messenger update

Facebook is testing voice commands for the chat as well as for calls for its messenger platform. This feature will allow you to use voice to dictate and send messages, begin voice calls and also set reminders. A spokesperson from Facebook confirmed that the company is internally testing the voice command feature. The voice feature would make the use of messenger very easy, flexible and most importantly hands-free. With a number of chatting and calling platforms, Facebook is trying to differentiate itself from the other Platforms used by people.

There are a number of devices from smart speakers to smartphones which work on voice command and helps in making the use more effective and efficient. If the social media giant brings the voice command feature to the messenger, it would be very easy for the user to dictate a message and even send it if they are busy. It would help in reducing the need of operating it manually. All you will need to do is just command to send a message or to initiate a call. There are a number of experiments which are conducted on messenger with employees. But, only a few of them are introduced to the users. With the eagerness to differentiate itself from other messaging platforms facebook might introduce some unique features to the messenger. We will have to wait to see if this new feature would make its way to Facebook Messenger or it is just another experiment of the company with employees.

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