India’s Best Online Pharmacy & Medicine Delivery Apps in 2022


We have apps for every utility and daily needs, we can book traveling tickets for flights, buses, trains, and can buy daily essentials, groceries, book shows, movies online. Like all these tools we have access to order medicine that will be delivered to your doorstep. During this pandemic, everything shifted to online workspaces and shops such as pharmacy services. Check the best online pharmacy apps here.

[2022] Online Pharmacy Delivery apps Free Membership Offers in India


PharmEasy app was developed in the year 2015 and got so much popularity initially people were not much familiar with the functionality as so many people have no smartphone but when the pandemic strikes things have changed and many other online Pharmacy Apps alternatives discovered. PharmEasy has delivered the services in more than 22,00 locations codes, around 1200 cities of India in fast forward manner. Including the medicine delivery as per your prescription you can also  access the following features:

  • free shipping, 
  • free doctor consultation, 
  • 5% cashback on all orders 
  • 10% cashback on booking a lab test.
  • Medical equipment

You can check the membership plan and include benefits.


WCRC has declared this app as Asia’s Most Promising Brand 2018 for medicine. NetMeds proposes online pharmacy delivery services for its clients at convenient and most affordable rates. The app has the best feature that reminds you to take your medicine at the right time without missing the prescription details. All the medicine batches are easily available with one click.

The app offers you affordable medicine deals on fitness supplements, vitamins, and herbal products, beauty care & wellness items, and products.

To access an additional discount on medicine and other products shopping you can use a coupon code offered by NetMeds.

Following Benefits are offered on NetMeds First Membership:

  • Free Delivery,
  • Primary Health Check-Up,
  • Priority Processing, 
  • 2.5% NMS Cash On All Orders, 
  • 5% Off On Pathology Tests, 
  • Free Unlimited Consultation.
  • NetMeds offers a Flat 18% Off + 10% NMS SuperCash on its first purchase.


Complete solutions for all your pharmacy and health prescription needs. You can locate suggestions of the nearby doctors, medical & pharmacy shops, health plans. Ask for consultations, place orders for your prescriptions. 

  • Instant and future dates scheduled for consultations.
  • Your pharmacy orders, medicines will reach your destinations within 2hours of duration.
  • The app lists the database of 50,000+ medicine, pharmacy & health products.
  • You can access 20% off on your first purchase.
  • With the Practo app membership plan get unlimited online consultations for you and your family

MediPlus Mart

Order all the medicine and health products through this online pharmacy app alternative. MediPlus Mart is a great app to shop health products and Meds conveniently. 

MediPlus mart has an easy to access, impressive design,and innovative feature navigational interface.

  • Notification Reminder to take pills on right time,
  • Payments Receipts available anytime,
  • Track all health records,
  • Online Bookings available for diagnostics on MediPlus Lab.
  • Medicine Details, Uses and Side Effects, 
  • On your first medicine purchase, get 25% off.
  • MediPlus Mart Memembership offers Flexirewards Programs that offer you to save 35% point. Redeem these points on household products and medicine. 


The 1mg was officially released as a Made in India app in 2014 powered by Apple. Check medicine information, read tips, and expert advice. You can ask questions related to medicine and concerns. Suggestions for other Medicine brands, prices, compare brands, and save extra.

  • Order medicines, 
  • Book lab tests, 
  • Ask for consultation from Doctors.

Want to save additional on 1Mg purchase then access the membership and access 2% off on all orders, an extra 5% 1mgCash.

Get free delivery across India, one free lab test, one free consultation, and a sale period early visits on orders.


Truemeds supply the best quality, genuine medicine products across India. To maintain reliability and safety, 50 medicine makers were shortlisted and every order undergoes three times check process. Doctor, pharmacist, AI-based algorithm is involved here and check-in process validation. For first purchase access free delivery with 72%off. It does not offer any membership plan.

Apollo 247

Apollo Pharmacy is a brand in the Pharmacy industry known for being a reliable provider of medicine, pharmacy products 24×7. More than 3500+stores set up online for instant delivery of orders within the duration. Now, they have set up their business and marketplace online and deliver medicine 24×7 from online orders. Orders reached to your destinations within 1hours.  

With Apollo 247 membership you can access the following benefits:

  • Free instant delivery, 
  • priority shipping, WCRC has declared this app as Asia’s Most Promising Brand 2018 for medicine. NetMeds proposes online pharmacy delivery services for its clients at convenient and most affordable rates.
  • Ask for Doctor Consultations on Exclusive discounts
  • Lab tests, 
  • Access to Emergency doctor-on-call.
  • You can access 10%off on the first Apollo 247 purchase.

When you place orders on Apollo 247 many other advanced benefits are included with this app:  

You can access symptoms checkers, Health records tracking, get details about medicine from pharmacologist, and many more.


One of the most reliable online pharmacy apps e-market setup for pharmacy and medicine products. With Medlife membership You can create a Medicine prescription plan, schedule the orders for monthly, quarterly, and other dosage duration so you never receive the status of out of stock. 

  • For your first Medlife order purchase, access free delivery with 18%off.
  • The app delivers the orders to all Indian states, union territories, 25,000 pincode locations and 4000+cities. 
  • Medlife has eliminated the ambiguity and made a reliable, affordable, modest,simple to navigate platform to access med and herbal supplements.
  • You can ask for orders for the liver, diabetes, cardiac care, arthritis, etc.
  • Get Diabetic Footwear, Thermometer, First Aid Kit, Diabetes Kit, and Copper Bottle.


Best medicinal care companion for your lifestyle diseases. Connect all your fitness device trackers with this app features: Accu-check, Fitbit, Omron, etc. The app offers medicine, health products delivery. This app lets your doctor examine your health, symptoms, alerts, instantly tracking the device status. This app also does not include any membership benefits. On your first order purchase 20%off given to customers. You can track the health records of patients.


Purchase orthopedic care, protein supplements, mother and baby care products, medicines, surgical products, hospital equipment, medical gadgets, fitness products, and more. Order delivered to all the big cities and Pincode locations according to the medicine and prescription details within 4hours. Different payment options are enabled. Install Bookmeds from the App store and Google Play store.

Nodaway, SmartMedics, WeChemist, Brown Pocket are some of the medicare apps and health care products apps that help you access the virtual network of the pharmacy industry. You can reach nearby drug stores, doctors, pharmacists, health experts, on your android and iOS devices.

Now you don’t have to worry about anything, everything is possible on click. Be it orders, doctors, supplements, track records, Dosage notifications, membership for fast order purchase delivery in any crucial. All the nearby pharmacies are listed over these apps. No need to step outside everything will be delivered to your doorsteps at convenient and affordable mediums. Access great discounts on Med services f.

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