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No matter how much we use Whatsapp on a daily basis to send messages, pictures, videos, and things. But before the Whatsapp launch, Facebook was the most used social media platform for connecting and communicating with friends. Looking for the best Facebook video download apps here is this post for you.

Fast Facebook Video Download Apps For Android, PC, iOS

We watch so many videos that we can share with other friends on their timelines or in chat. If you want to download the videos of Fb to share then it is only saved to the Facebook saved video section. To download the Facebook video you can download Facebook video download apps.

Here, this blog contains various alternative apps to download Facebook videos.

Video Downloader for Facebook

The app offers an easy interface to download Facebook videos instantly. The app is offered support for the Android platform. The app has an agile, easy built-in player, and a default browser. The app features Batch Video Download in quite good quality. Download MP4 content from any website and Marvel and share it anywhere.

It is a great Facebook Video Download Apps with fast speed and quite a good picture quality.  You can share these videos after download on other media platforms. Once the videos download you can watch them offline. It is trending on Google Play Store.

HD Video Downloader

The app has a simple, straightforward navigation UI. You can download and share videos on various social media signals/ channels. The app lets you download and access content in SD and HD formats. All your HD video downloader content can be stored on the memory card. You can share this content with your contacts and friends on any platform using the sharing app and Bluetooth accessibility. The app is only available for Android Devices.


You can download the content from this app from low to exclusive picture quality. The app gives you the freedom to access and download video content from any platform to your Mac system. Access the iOS file transfer and airflow accessibility to get these videos on your phone. 

To use this app feature go to the browser, select the link you want to download the content, then back to the app and enter the link in the given field box and select the quality of image formats to download the link. The app is not designed for Android smartphones. Download it on your PC system. Use the boast features to apply subsequent settings. To download the blocked video content proxy connection is needed.

Bit Downloader

Access simple drag and drop interface on all devices and OS without performing any registration. Easy curate and download the videos for free of cost. If you liked the videos on Facebook and Instagram or any other platform then do use this app. Download this app for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS smartphones.

Facebook Video Downloader Online

Get the best Facebook Video Download apps to save content in your desired print quality. Store your all downloads into an ideal folder. The app will not download videos that have copyright. No Download History. If you like any video, tap right-click, access the URL, copy and paste to the app interface blank field bar. Use this app on your PC browser.

All Video Downloader

You can use this app in offline mode. Quick search and rapid downloading features are enabled. The app is customized with an in-built video player, a simple, intuitive, modest User interface. Save any FB video clips, images, musical edits. It supports all the formats to download- GIFs, MP4, MP3, HD.

MyVideo Downloader

MyVideo Downloader offers a user-friendly, convenient, simple interface to use this app features without any hassle. The app encounters lagging events sometimes and the speed can also be dropped due to low internet connection or any other technical reason. All the videos you have downloaded with the help of MyVideo Downloader. Share the downloadable content on Telegram, WhatsApp, or any other social media app.


The app is reliable, secure, easy to use, and downloads HD quality content without using any credentials. The app is designed with a built-in browser and offers different downloading methods. Download the video clips using the video link, Facebook video share feature or accessing the Facebook account and secured in-built browser.

F Downloader

The app is also a reliable app with a secured and easy interface as the app has its own built-in browser. One of the best apps to download MP3 audio, HD videos on your device. The app enables a fast and smooth, background downloading process. The app is built with an intuitive control simple to operate interface. If you are on Facebook, like any video content and you want to keep it on your device then just select the link, enter this link to the downloader app interface and confirm the download action with the desired image quality.


You can lock this app using the features. The app offers rich format downloading with the video player and secure controller. The app doesn’t work in the background although it’s good for SD and HD quality video downloading content, documents, images, music, etc. The app gives you the feel of a browser without any restrictions or paid subscription.

You can access the MP4, M4v, MOV content anytime. The app follows a security policy so an authorized person can access the app screen, saved videos, or any other quality content.


It is a safe, reliable, and powerful Facebook video downloader app. It offers the proper privacy for all the downloadable content, sharing is simple for numerous audio, video formats with a reliable powerful audio & Video player controller.

The app features a file manager, document viewer, video/ audio player, text editor, for iPS and android devices including the iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone. You can follow various methods to download the content.

To access this app, open the app and access the web browser, open a Facebook account, select the video URL to download > browser > move online Facebook video downloader app >paste link confirm the download.

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