[How-to]Guide to Activate Facebook Protect


Facebook has made fans across the globe and given the medium to make new connections. To manage the advanced layer of security and privacy, Facebook has introduced the Facebook Protect feature.

It is great news for Facebook account users. Here, in this, you can find the methods and steps to turn on the Facebook Protect for your profile. Now, it will help you to eliminate locked out. 

Facebook has a plan to suspend the Facebook profiles that have not enabled this Facebook protect feature. Activate it by two-factor authentication and don’t miss the fun one of the most active and trending social media platforms from Facebook.

Facebook protects will extend the security level and make your account more secure and malicious-free. The risk of profile and data hacking will be minimized as well.

Have you received any notification regarding the Facebook protects feature or if not then check if you have the access to turn on Facebook protect?

Public figures, influencers, celebrities’ accounts are always on the target by the hackers for this facebook Protect will add on the security. With the concern of security and privacy, Facebook Protect needs to be turned on. It monitors all the threats and hacking attempts and keeps the Facebook account, pages, and activities safe and protected.

People can use two-factor authentication or Facebook to protect both to maintain security. To log in to your Facebook account in a more secure way, users can use the security keys, codes, and third-party authentication accessibilities of OTP text on the phone number registered with the account.

How to Use the Facebook Protect Security Feature?

Below you can follow the steps by step method to activate the Facebook Protect security feature on your account profile and make your Facebook user experience more secure.

  • Go to the menu.
  • Click on the account.
  • Head to the privacy and security option.
  • Navigate to Facebook Protect.
  • Tap on getting started to begin the activation registration process.
  • In a few moments, you will navigate to the welcome page, proceed by tapping on next.
  • Then you will be moved to the Facebook Protect Benefits screen. Click on Next.
  • Now your account will be scanned by facebook authorities to validate everything is fine and no vulnerabilities are encountered. You will see the suggestion to fix and modify the facebook Protect. You can change your password or turn on the two-factor authentication option.
  • Tap on a fix now and go with the directions to complete the action of the Facebook Protect feature.

Enable Facebook two Factor Authentication

To enable this feature you need to access the Facebook account and its security and login setting pane.

Go down to navigate the option of two-factor authentication.

To modify the changes click on edit.

Various security options and methods will be listed here so choose the one you want to enable or use.

  • Security key or passcode on compatible device/ third party authentication login codes/ OTP on phone

Choosing one of them and clicking on done the feature will be added and your Facebook account will be layered through two-factor authentication.

Now you don’t have to worry about any security, privacy risk, or hacking actions and things will be under the control of authentication and Facebook protection.

Did you have info about this or if the blog is helpful to you then let us know. We will be back with a similar type of informational stories and guides.

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