How To Fix The Charging Problem in iPad?


Apple devices are the best in the tech industry. They offer high-performance, style statement, technical safety & security. Apple manufacturers launch different types of products but sometimes they may also create issues. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the iPad charging issues and their solution. Read it…

Are you an iPad user?

Is your iPad encountering charging issues or doesn’t last for long?

Here in this blog, you may get the reason why it doesn’t charge and what are the things causing this problem?

8 ways to fix iPad charging problematic issues

We make mistakes in real life and that impacts charging and battery status. Improper charging methods decrease the battery life, battery draining issues. If the cable is not in the right state if the adapters are not correctly connected, or other typer software and hardware errors and issues resulting from this iPad charging issue.

Here we are listing numerous methods to eliminate the iPad charging issue and teach you how to fix the iPad charging issue.

Use correct iPad Charging Adapter:

 Whether it’s an iPhone or iPad, the charging adapters are designed separately as per their battery standard, how much W battery adapter will work efficiently and supply the battery power to a gadget. Here we make a major mistake and connect any type of adapter with any gadget. iPhone adapters are not suitable to charge the iPad at an ideal time with ideal capacity. It takes a long while to fully charge the iPad.

While you connect the charger adapter do check How much W charger it is. Using a small charger for the iPad is not enough. 

Charging Cable condition:

If your iPad is not charging correctly then it may be because of the charging cable and adapter. To know if the charging cable is an issue or the adapter is an issue connect this cable to another device if they are compatible with another device. Connect it to a laptop or PC. Lightning bolt indicates that the cable is not a problem.

Connect the iPad to the laptop if it detects the device. Pick another cable to connect the iPad and fix the problem. If you have the adapters check whether the problem is with the adapter or not.

Inspect Charging Port:

Sometimes the problem is not the adapter nor the cable. The root cause of the charging issue is the charging port. Dust particles travel around the adapter; it can get stuck inside the port and create issues in connecting the cable properly. When the cable does not connect properly it can’t charge the iPad. 

You can clean the port yourself using the pin. Hold the iPad carefully in your hand and spot the light at the port to check what is stuck. Can you clean this or do you have to show it to Apple support. Use small tweezers, brushes to clear the clog. If you don’t want to take the risk then visit the Apple Care shop and ask about the problem.

Restart iPad:

Sometimes the apps and software also create such issues. You can reboot the iPad and connect the charging adapter again to check if it starts charging or not. Reboot or Restart action most probably solves the slow chagrin issues.

Don’t connect iPad to computer:

While we are working on the laptop or PC and we can’t leave the task between at the same time, the iPad shows the battery low status. We usually connect the iPad to the laptop. This is not the right thing to do. It can’t produce enough power supply for your iPad. Laptops are enough to connect the iPhone as it requires less power supply output and gets charged easily. Avoid using any laptop or cable connectivity. Always charge your iPad to the ideal adapter that comes with the package.

Temperature issues:

Don’t leave your devices and gadgets in extremely cold and hot areas. It affects the gadgets life. If you suddenly encounter a situation where your iPad behaves in an unpredictable manner and does not charge, the temperature is the issue.

Nowadays vehicles also have charging ports. It is ok if you have connected the chagrin cable while driving. But if you are not inside the car and the iPad is left inside to charge it may cause the problem at that time inside temperature to increase that will heat the iPad and also affect the life of the iPad.

While you are charging the iPad, the lower temperature limit is 32degres, and the higher limit is 95degrees.

Tech Support:

If all the ways failed. Neither an adapter nor a cable switch helps you out of this problem. The best way to do this is to ask the help of Apple Support executing locations nearby your location. They have better tricks and tips to fix the Apple products issues. They deal with these types of cases. They are experienced enough to detect the problem and solve bugs and issues.

Airplane Mode:

To charge your iPad properly in a fast-forward manner, the best thing is to turn on the Airplane mode. Lower the brightness level, close all the background apps from the setting pane. It will faster the battery charging process and your iPad will fully charge in a comparatively low time.

We have tried to summarize all the possible ways to fix the iPad battery issue. Try them and get out of this problematic scenario instantly. All the ways we have provided you are not expensive. You can do it yourself. In case You are visiting an Apple care shop or Apple Tech Support, they may charge the service charge for their expertise, otherwise, everything is so simple and modest to fix the iPad charging issue.

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