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To access different types of accessibilities and utilities we launch the apps from the Google app store and app store. Both have a large collection of dedicated apps that can satisfy all our daily necessities and digital demands. The government of India has taken an initiative and launched the made-in-India Mobile Seva App Store.

Here in this blog, we are mentioning everything you need to know about this innovative platform, what features it offers and how Indian citizens can access this on their phones.

Mobile Seva App Store Accessibilities, Features, and website

India has a large base of smartphone users that is rapidly increasing to 820 million. To support globalization and step ahead with technology, the Indian government has launched an app store. The store contains all the accessibility apps to access government services. 

When you explore all around the globe, China is a major manufacturer of applications and launches the apps to the app store and google play store. For a few months, India is keeping operating digital surgical strikes and suspending and eliminating the apps from both stores. 

Mobile Seva AppStore is a great utility that offers outstanding opportunities to private app manufacturer companies. They can design their app and addon to this made in India app store and contribute to extending the app library. This act will increase the Indian economy.

Government is very focused on the digital improvement and growth of India at the global stage and that’s why they are keeping working on the digital world market projects.

Mobile Seva App is a dedicated mobile app store that establishes the digital gateway to access all the public government services. Whether you are an android smartphone user or iPhone user the app store is compatible and hosts the services and applications for both platforms in a trusted domain and environment. 

The topic of the Mobile Seva App store is trending in the Rajya Sabha assembly. As per the reports, the app store is downloaded by 8.65 crore users and 6.940 app developers are delivering the support and contribution to function this app library with their products. All the apps are reliable, safe, and available in good condition.

Apple App Store and Google App store have increased the tax to host the apps. They are charging a very high cost and additional charges for the hosting.

Many big brands have emerged in India and are channelizing the services. Paytm has launched a mini app store by collaborating with the platforms to host different types of services and accessibilities. PhonePe, dream11, Indiamart, Razorpay bound with Paytm to compete with the Google Play Store.

Mobile Seva App store operates the m-governance services launched by Indian agencies to support the local private products and apps.

According to recent data reports, Mobile Seva App Store has a collection of 965 apps hosted by different domains and category listings. The basic idea to develop this platform is to make everything independent and eliminate the reliability of foreign app agencies and gadget manufacturers. 

Our youth is very talented and skilled in technology and the government is here to help them to provide a platform to launch their products on an independent local platform. 

How to Download Mobiel Seva App Store?

Download this App Store on your Android and iOS device, and access the features and e-governance accessibilities.

Visit to download 

You can scan the QRcode on your mobile device and download this app store.

You can also access this App store by giving a miss call on 02267870155.

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Features of Mobile Seva App Store

  • Mobile Seva App Store does not cost the tax and additional charges to host the apps.
  • It supports the digital India concept and permits the launch of digital products in a risk-free trusted digital environment. 
  • It is economically a very good initiative taken by the Indian government
  • The app store is very well structured and offers a safe hosting collection.
  • Users can explore and discover every government service and utility at one single spot without any inconvenience. Online payments, Food & Supply, Health, Education, Agriculture, Electoral, Judiciary, Social Welfare, Transport, Energy.
  • The app is very useful for government, local, and private app developer firms/ companies in India.
  • You can rate this app store and share feedback about the experience and accessibility.
  • Anyone can download and launch the apps from and to this Indian app store.
  • All updates are launched to improve the app experience and functionality.

All apps are free to download. After testing all the apps it is included in the library of the mobile Seva app Store. You can apply the filters to download your filters.

Sometimes we don’t have time to travel to the government offices. To get updated with every government norm and to access every government service of agencies and companies they have launched online portals that are accessed on any device. All these apps can also be accessed through the Mobile Seva App store. The App store has a cloud-based hosting environment powered by the government.

To access the services of Mobile Seva Appstore you can also open the link of the website in the browser and access all the public services on your system and devices more conveniently

The government of India-powered app store allows you to access the services anytime on demand.

You can access ECI, Post Tracking, Kissan SMS, and other public services apps. The app store encourages Mobile App development, PUSH SMS Integration, IVRS Integration, PULL SMS Integration, CBS, LBS, etc.
Mobile Seva App store is an innovative initiative to bring all the e-governance public services under one roof digitally made in a dedicated cloud-based environment without investing much.

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